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Ribs.. and Dr. Pepper.. It does the body good!

I have been craving ribs for so long, but we can’t get any PORK baby back ribs here.. Some good 'ole southern ribs! When we were in Toronto there was an event called "Ribfest" and it was in different parts of Toronto for about two months during this summer. We loved going for that because… Continue reading Ribs.. and Dr. Pepper.. It does the body good!

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Bu Qtair Fish Restaurant

The Husband and I love going to little mom and pop type places especially when we travel. It's always these restaurants that are the jewels of the city. While we were in Dubai, we went to a fish place called Bu Qtair Fish Restaurant. This place can't really be called a restaurant, but a run… Continue reading Bu Qtair Fish Restaurant


Qout Market Experience

Last Saturday we went to Qout Market. This is an outdoor market that was at the rooftop parking of the Arraya Mall in the city. The word "qout" is Arabic for Food, and this market is all about food. There are so many different types of vendors and tents that sell local foods and products.… Continue reading Qout Market Experience


Jamaican Curry Goat with Rice & Peas

I love goat meat! From the time I was young it's been one of my favorite foods to eat! My mom would make goat curry and goat byriani. Now whenever I visit Dallas these are two dishes she always prepares for me!Toronto has a big Jamaican/West Indies population so I was introduced to yummy Jamaican/West… Continue reading Jamaican Curry Goat with Rice & Peas


2 Layer Chocolate Kit-Kat and M&M Cake

I love birthdays! Every birthday is special, whether it be a baby's first or your 40th, or 90th.. Birthdays are a time of celebration, to be thankful that you lived another year! Yesterday was The Husband's cousins birthday so I made a cake for him. It was also my padre's birthday and I was sad… Continue reading 2 Layer Chocolate Kit-Kat and M&M Cake