I Love September

I know lately I've been slacking on my blog, and not sticking my 3 posts a week, but I have just been so busy with work and traveling! So hoping to make up for it by keeping track of my days and write something atleast 2 times a week! September is my favorite month of… Continue reading I Love September


The Maid Experience

We have recently started using a maid and I thought I'd start a series called "The Maid Experience". After coming to Kuwait, almost everyone we've met has a maid that is either full time or part time. Originally we decided we wouldn't need one because it's just the two of us and we were fine… Continue reading The Maid Experience


Jamaican Curry Goat with Rice & Peas

I love goat meat! From the time I was young it's been one of my favorite foods to eat! My mom would make goat curry and goat byriani. Now whenever I visit Dallas these are two dishes she always prepares for me!Toronto has a big Jamaican/West Indies population so I was introduced to yummy Jamaican/West… Continue reading Jamaican Curry Goat with Rice & Peas