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Flying with an Infant

Last weekend we did a quick weekend getaway to Dubai with The Spawn. So far we have been on the plane around 6 times with our Spawn. The first time we flew from Dallas to Toronto and back to Dallas when she was around 1.5 months. The third flight was Dallas to Kuwait when she… Continue reading Flying with an Infant


Dubai Trip

My Dubai trip was amazing! I really enjoyed Dubai from the minute I stepped out of the plane! I took the Emirates flight to Dubai from Kuwait and it was a short flight, but the flight attendants were so nice and the flight was empty so I had my own little area! This is my… Continue reading Dubai Trip


Flying to Kuwait

Sorry about the formatting I will fix it as soon as I can! We took the Emirates flight from Toronto via Dubai to Kuwait. The flight was so long and for some reason I was in no mood to use their in flight entertainment. After 12 hours we reached Dubai and I was amazed by… Continue reading Flying to Kuwait