And the apartment saga continues!

Wednesday - June 19 We have been trying to find a temporary place to stay and it has been tough! First of all the Kuwaiti Dinar is about 3.6 to the Canadian/American dollar! So we are looking to pay between 300 – 500 KD per month and originally we were looking at furnished apartments, but… Continue reading And the apartment saga continues!


One week of leaving Canada!!

Sunday – June 23 First weekend in Kuwait! I cannot believe that Friday marked our first week of leaving Canada! Thursday night we went to a place called Salmiya to check out apartments… We were trying to avoid this area because of all the traffic, but we are getting a little desperate. We went to… Continue reading One week of leaving Canada!!


First Migraine in Kuwait

June 25 – Tuesday  Gorgeous view!Last night we went apartment hunting in a place called Mahboula and we looked at 3 places. The first one we saw was an older property and it was not so nice, but it did have a lot of space and a beautiful view to the sea! The second one was… Continue reading First Migraine in Kuwait