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Carne Guisada Latin Beef Stew

Hi Everyone, I'm sure y'all have all given up on me but I have just been so busy with life and also finding motivation to post. Summer was busy for me because my family came to visit us. We did our annual US/Canada trip early and went in September. This trip was one of my… Continue reading Carne Guisada Latin Beef Stew


Settling in…

So we finally moved into the apartment.. The timing was a little off because I was in Dubai when we had to vacate the place we were staying and then right after I came back from Dubai, The Husband had to go to Switzerland. So right now we haven't really furnished the place. The only… Continue reading Settling in…


TGIT- Thank God It's Thursday!

It's Thursday and that means it's equivalent to Friday!! How exciting ­čÖé I've finally started doing some work, which is great! I hate sitting around and doing nothing. Started inventing my own work to do! My usual days were to read the news, look for apartments, and call people about apartments. Then I would read… Continue reading TGIT- Thank God It's Thursday!