Love in a "Lunchbox"

This is such great story.. Love in a “Lunchbox” … I don’t watch much Bollywood movies, but I think this will be a good one. Irfan Khan is an amazing actor and I love watching his movies!


1000x1000   If a slum dweller  in Mumbai can earn a million dollars on a TV game show, why is it not possible for an aging insurance man to find love in his lunchbox? ‘The Lunchbox’ is in limited release in the US.  It was hugely popular in film loving India and there was a  national scandal when it was not chosen to be the Indian film representing India at the Academy Awards.  And someone should have listened to the people because ‘Good Road’ which was submitted was not even honored in the top five foreign films. Mumbai (Bombay)  has 5000 “dabbawallahs” who distribute one million lunches per day using their feet, trains, buses, and scooters.  Many of the lunches are packed at home so they need to be collected, taken to  Mumbai by  the correct dabbawallah , arrive at the office of the husband,  eaten, and then returned to the…

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Happy Onam!!!

    Happy Onam to all my fellow people from Kerala!! I'm not really familiar with Onam, I just know it's a holiday that's celebrated by people in Kerala. My family has never celebrated it, but I know it's a big holiday for Hindu people. When we visited Kerala in 2010 it was during Onam… Continue reading Happy Onam!!!


Syria Update! – Arab Nations to pay

I just read on Kuwait Times that John Kerry has state that certain Arab nations have offered to bear the cost!! This is taken from the Kuwait Times -http://news.kuwaittimes.net/arab-nations-offer-pay-syrias-strike/Arab nations have offered to help pay for any US military intervention in Syria, Secretary of State John Kerry told lawmakers yesterday as he sought support for… Continue reading Syria Update! – Arab Nations to pay