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Get your Moushakel while it's hot!

I love Middle Eastern food! I've also learned not to call it Middle Eastern food, instead call it Arabic food. One of my favorite go to meals is eating a Moushakel! I am not sure how to spell it, but it's one of my favorite go to foods! There are two places in Kuwait that… Continue reading Get your Moushakel while it's hot!

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This distractify link popped up on my Facebook news-feed and I clicked on it because it had to do with travel and so when I saw that of course I had to click on it! It's about 33 Places to visit before you die! I clicked and I was just blown away by the images… Continue reading

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Bu Qtair Fish Restaurant

The Husband and I love going to little mom and pop type places especially when we travel. It's always these restaurants that are the jewels of the city. While we were in Dubai, we went to a fish place called Bu Qtair Fish Restaurant. This place can't really be called a restaurant, but a run… Continue reading Bu Qtair Fish Restaurant

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Dubai Adventures Part 1

The new year started and we've already reached February 16! It's been such a busy year for me! The last month we went to Dubai for work twice, but were able to take a few days for ourselves. Our first night in Dubai, we went to a place called Bahri Bar at Mina A'Salam in… Continue reading Dubai Adventures Part 1

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barely above water

I love this blog! The writer takes amazing pictures about his life in the Philippines.

A walk with my camera

We’re back at square one, or at least some of us are.  Others are not as fortunate and are still struggling to get a grip on reality up to this day.  The situation is improving, but not by much.  There are very long lines everywhere – bank ATMs, grocery stores, pharmacies, gasoline stations, meat shops, fast food outlets now reduced to food trucks, relief goods distributions, soup kitchens, medical check ups, etc, etc.  Street vendors have taken over the city’s commerce, selling goods ranging from basic food items to looted merchandise.

Of all the items being sold on the streets, the fastest moving items are soda in 1.5 liter bottles.  Prices have now dropped to Php50 each, inching closer to the pre-disaster price.  8oz soda bottles are also now appearing on sidewalks.  That’s a sparkle of hope that things will be alright, but all in good time.

Cycling has become…

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