You are Loved

I never thought my return to blogging would be written with such a heavy heart.

On Friday, October 7th I was forwarded a picture of little Sherin Mathews saying MISSING. This sweet girl was the adopted daughter of a couple I knew vaguely about 10 22308823_1417994934962549_1932268440953383343_nyears ago. Here is a synopsis of how this story unraveled according to what the father told the police and what the media has reported.

The baby was last seen by the father at 3 AM in the morning.He said that she would not drink her milk so he punished her to stand by a tree outside their fenced yard (about 100 ft out). After about 15 minutes he went back out and did not find her. He then looked for her and since he did not find her, went back inside and did some laundry and thought he would wait until the morning. Five hours later they called the police. The wife was sleeping throughout all this and had no clue Sherin was missing until the morning.

The above is all what was reported in the news. On Saturday night the father was arrested on a child endangerment charge and then released on bail Sunday night. After Saturday, both the parents hired separate attorneys and were not cooperating with the police.

I could not understand  and still cannot figure out why the parents were not out there searching for their daughter. There wasn’t any press conferences or any type of plead in front of the TV for their daughters return. I just could not wrap my head around what was happening. I became consumed with reading the latest about Sherin Mathews. Before sleeping I would check the phone to see if there was any update. I would wake up and first thing I would check is to see if Sherin was found. Throughout the day I would sit and wait for AM in Texas and then start searching different newscaster Facebook page, twitter handle, googling Sherin for latest news, etc. I wasn’t able to focus because all I could think of was this sweet 3 year old walking the streets by herself.. was she kidnapped? Did something happen to her at home and her body has been hidden? Did the coyotes take her, I just could not bare thinking of all the negatives. So I prayed, and prayed.. the days went by and hope of her being alive went away. I prayed for God to shed light and show her body wherever it be.

Today – Sunday October 22 at 2 PM the police stated that a little girl fitting the description of Sherin Mathews was found nearby her home inside a culvert. I had to google what a culvert was (click here for picture). This just broke my heart!

I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that an innocent child was punished at 3 AM for not drinking milk. All sorts of questions are going through my head regarding this… If you were to punish a child, then why not a timeout in her room or against a wall but INSIDE the home? Why 100 feet away from the house? As a grown adult I wouldn’t leave sherin mathewsmy home in the middle of the night without any reason..much-less ask a baby! I don’t know if this story of the punishment is true or if something else happened and the parents are covering up. These thoughts of a punishment gone wrong vs a guilty family is going back and forth in my head…  I am praying now that justice for Sherin is found.

Sherin was found in the bushes as a baby and raised in the orphanage until she was adopted by the family. A year after that she was found inside a culvert. It’s not fair that a sweet innocent child had to go through so much in her life. I am a person who believes in internal life and I do believe that she is with Jesus. Sitting at His knee understanding what is real true love. She will never face pain or heartbreak again! This is the only thought that is helping me to move forward.

In the days moving forward, I hope the police and FBI are able to piece through the puzzle and figure out what exactly happened and justice for Sherin will be found! Her sweet smile and videos have impacted many  globally, and brought together people regardless of color or religion . I was happy to see everyone rally together to be the voice for Sherin Mathews. She lived only three short years in this world, but maybe her purpose was to bring people together.


Here are some links to local news channels if you would like to read more:




15 thoughts on “You are Loved”

  1. This broke my heart. I can’t imagine the pain Sherin went through. She’s just a little girl. I’m a mom, and I don’t want my daughter to just disappear. It is sad to hear that the parents didn’t push through on finding the little girl. I hope she’s ok.


  2. That’s a real gut-wrenching story. Reminded me of a video I saw a few days ago on whatsapp of a mother CRITICISING her three-year-old for not repeating the numbers correctly. Looked very violent. Feel for these younger ones when they have to lose a bit of that innocence!


  3. Oh my God, such a sad story this is. So sorry for this beautiful little girl. I pray for justice and piece in her heart where ever she is now.


  4. Oh my fucking god this makes me so mad! Who fucking idiot puts a toddler outside, in the middle of the night for a punishment? Wherever she is, I hope she’ll found well and safe but I wish they consider to place her to a different family with a different raising methods. That’s absolutely disgusting. How can one do that to their child?


  5. This is so heartbreaking! I hope the questions that still surround this case get answered, and that Sherin gets the justice she deserves. Too many cases like this happen, and there are too many of them left unresolved.


  6. Oh my god this made me cry so much, that poor child endured so much hardship during her short life. In my opinion no sane person would punish their child for not drinking milk at 3 AM so I think that it is a cover up and that the adoptive parents did something! I really hope that justice is served and may this sweet angel rest in peace 😦


  7. That’s sad story to hear, for a very young and innocent child and to experience this type of cruelty is unreasonable. But you are right, she’s now at peace with the master. We don’t hope for any news like this, but we do hope for the justice and have people behind this be responsible.


  8. As a mother of a toddler this leaves me completely outraged, angry, in paid and so heartbroken! I just cannot imagine anything a little child could do to warrant this behaviour! All this over milk? I just find this extremely hard to believe and think that the parents are sick people and liars! This child was hurt for some reason and now they are covering it up with this ridiculous story.
    I hope she gets justice and that they face the worst consequences as terrible parents.
    What a tragedy!


  9. This sad, devastating, and alarming story also caught my attention when I saw it on Facebook. One of my granddaughters is also 3 years old. I can’t even imagine the fear she felt, being placed outside in the dark – if in fact that’s what happened! The whole thing seems really suspicious, for all the reasons you stated. One of the statements this sorry excuse of a “father” made regarding KNOWING there were coyotes outside … then why on EARTH do you leave your 3-year-old child out there??? I do hope investigators get to the truth.


  10. I also googled culvert (thanks to your link). What a terrible and tragic story this is though. I could not imagine to pain of dually losing my daughter, and then being told that her body was found. I hope they soon get answers to what truly happened to her.


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