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Flying with an Infant

Last weekend we did a quick weekend getaway to Dubai with The Spawn. So far we have been on the plane around 6 times with our Spawn. The first time we flew from Dallas to Toronto and back to Dallas when she was around 1.5 months. The third flight was Dallas to Kuwait when she was 2 months old. Our Dubai Trip was her fourth time on the plane.

The first two times we flew it was so easy to travel with our Spawn because she would just sleep mostly. Even during the 17 hour flight from Dallas to Abu Dhabi and from Abu Dhabi to Kuwait, she slept most of the time and would wake up just for her milk and diaper changes.

Maddy on plane
This last trip we did was interesting, The Spawn has gotten a bit bigger and is more active. By active I mean that she wants to touch, lick, and put everything into her mouth! I brought Dettol (similar to Clorox) wipes with me in preparation of this and wiped down the windows, the side panels, the LCD screen, chair arms, etc. I’m not sure how much good it did, but I figured I should do my part in making sure she doesn’t end up with some type of infection.
The flight to Dubai was no problem, we took an early morning flight knowing The Spawn is always in a good mood in the morning and she slept until we landed. By the time we got into the car and strapped her into the car seat she was fed up! The Spawn is used to rolling around and having her own space, but for the last 5 hours she was being held by us. The whole 30 minutes she was crying, and it just broke my heart! I have never heard her cry like this at all! We got to our place, The Husband immediately set up her bassinet and we placed The Spawn in and I just can’t describe the joy on her face! She was rolling from one end to the other (her bassinet is pretty small but she was still happy because she was free) cooing and yelling happily!

Coming back from Dubai our flight was at 6 PM, we didn’t think it was too late for our Spawn.. Spawn was active and was looking at everyone and laughing as we were walking. She even took her normal 30 minute power nap, but about 20 minutes into the flight she started crying. She wanted us to stand up and hold her so she could see everyone! I felt bad for the person sitting across from us because she chose him as her victim! The Spawn started staring him down as he was eating and then started talking to him. Poor man had no idea what to do, but The Spawn didn’t care… she continued her attack! About 10 minutes before landing she finally fell asleep and we were able to have some peace!

I couldn’t get over the changes in all our trips. We have another couple trips coming up in a few months and I know she will be even more active then.

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