July 4th!!

Happy 4th of July to everyone!


I really miss being outdoors and having a Popsicle while watching the fireworks.. Hopefully one day soon we will be back and can share these moments with our Spawn.

I didn’t have any outfits for The Spawn that’s American (Lots of Texas, but no American….) So I thought we would try a fun craft together. It seemed easy enough..
1. Get a white plan shirt/onsie
2. Buy Fabric paint
3. Set up the area
4. Hold Spawn and dip left hand in paint
5. Put hand with fabric paint onto the shirt for handprint

It all went well until Step 5.. The Spawn decided to grab the shirt instead of letting go and then with her free hand grabbed the paper plate with the fabric paint. Then as I started cleaning her hand in the container of water I kept, she went and tried grabbing at the shirt that already had a blob of paint instead of a handprint.. I then ran to the bathroom with a trail of blue water on the floor following as we went… (Thank God we have tiles) I started to clean The Spawn and noticed that I somehow have paint all over my right knee and left elbow… Spawn has paint on her cheeks and thankfully she didn’t try to eat her hands (but the fabric paint said nontoxic so a little snack wouldn’t of been an issue I guess). So one shirt destroyed because the fabric paint didn’t properly wash off. I then realized oh, if I have another person to hold The Spawn, I can then just focus on getting the handprint….

Take two with The Husband. That didn’t go over too well either. Once again all steps were followed, then we got to step 4 and Spawn felt like making a fist in the paint and wouldn’t relax her fingers. I finally opened them up and moved her hand to the shirt and just as we were done, once again she decided to grab the shirt. This time The Husband and I ran straight to the bathroom to rinse of her hands. Second shirt ruined..

All of a sudden I had another idea for a shirt.. I would make stars using metallic tape, stick them on the shirt and then paint over that with the blue paint, then once it dries remove the tape to have white stars. This worked and I had a shirt ready for pictures.. because in the end all that matters is the pictures right?


What I learned from Craft Time with the Spawn..

1. Craft time with Spawn won’t work until she’s a bit older
2. Thank God for Carters 5 pack of bodysuits
3. Cutting out tiny stars is difficult and time consuming


4 thoughts on “July 4th!!”

  1. Well, the shirt turned up nice even if you made several attempts at it. Wish you had a happy 4th of July well spent with family and friends!

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