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Canada Day!

July 1st was Canada Day and it was the 150th anniversary of Canada! This was a huge event for Canada and going through my Instagram and SnapChat all our friends and families were having a wonderful time celebrating and enjoying the long weekend! I just want to wish everyone a happy and Safe weekend!

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I think Canada is a great place to live and if it weren’t for the freezing winters and cost of living, it would be my ideal place to live. I thought I would list out a few of my favorite things/places about Toronto.

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Toronto is a huge with with many surrounding cities called the GTA (Great Toronto Area). If you were to walk anywhere, you will see all sorts of people from all walks of life. Everyone is also accepting of people and the cultures they bring. Toronto is a big melting pot of people from around the world! There are even small ethnic enclaves within the city that is filled with restaurants/stores of that ethnicity. There is a Little Italy, Greektown, Chinatown, Koreatown, Portugal Villiage, Little Inida, Little Poland,… You can read more about these areas on Go Nomad.
Food Scene
Whatever type of food you are craving or want, it will be available.. If you are an elitist or just a normal person the choices of restaurants at all price points is waiting for you to try out. I saw that there was a Texas Style BBQ place in downtown Toronto, but haven’t gotten a chance to check out the place yet. One of the best things about living in a city full of immigrants is that they bring the food with them and open up restaurants to cater to others in that culture. It’s a lot of fun if you want to be adventurous with your food selection!

Here are some articles on the Toronto Food Scene

CBC News
Matador Network

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Experience the Four Seasons (the weather not the hotel) 
Growing up in Dallas we didn’t really experiences the different seasons so much, but in Toronto you really see the color changing of the leaves in the fall, snowflakes descending down from the sky and hitting the ground and all of a sudden you are in a winter wonderland.  Cherry blossoms blooming in the spring and fresh green and the sun kissing your skin during the summer.

Photo Cred: @phoke.images Instagram

Outdoor Activities
During the warmer months everyone is outside! There’s tons of different festivals and events happening and they are so much fun to go to!  Besides all the events,you can go hiking, fishing, watch baseball or soccer outdoors. Even go on a relaxing boat ride or canoeing on your own along the lake. Winter time is a bit dreary, but there are nearby resorts where you can go skiing, go on a trek wearing snow shoes, even tobogganing. One of our favorite things to do was just walk around and enjoy the scenery around us, whether it be the big buildings or just the peacefulness of Lake Ontario.  SeeTorontoNow has a great list of all the events for the year!










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