A Tribute – Michael Bond

paddington bear

I saw a news alert that came up on my phone that Michael Bond the creator of the popular children’s character Paddington Bear has passed away.

paddington-google doodle
Paddington’s 50th Anniversary Doodle by Google in 2008

This made me reminisce about the story I read from my childhood about the bear from Darkest Peru who was found at the train station with a suitcase and a sign that said “please look after this bear”.  Paddington was a gentle and sweet bear with a love for marmalade and a knack for getting into trouble!

Growing up one of my favorite things to do was go to the library and check out books. I would always check out as many books as I could and then go home and read it. During the summer there was a program called 600 minute reading club. If you achieve that goal by the time school starts in the fall then we received a free pass to Six Flags! (Six Flags was a theme park with amazing rides!).

Our small library 

Thinking of the Paddington Bear stories made me think of all the beloved children’s books that I used to read! When we found out we were having a baby one of my first thoughts was sitting and reading to our child. I have been reading her board books, and excited for when she will be a little bit older and will be able to understand the stories I read to her! We have a very small library here and I am looking forward to getting more books for her on my next US trip!






4 thoughts on “A Tribute – Michael Bond”

  1. Paddington was my favourite as well as Enid Blyton and Noddy. When I was in primary school, each year I got one book as a birthday present. The rest of the books I read were from the local libraries. My mum used to actually drive me to different libraries around the city so I could borrow new books (the things mums tolerate)! This was a lovely post- made me feel sad about the passing of Micheal Bond but also nostalgic for the role these and other books, played in my life.


    1. Books were so important before and I hope that it continues to play a role in children’s lives now… I know it’s easy to have an e-book, but there’s something about holding the actual books in my hand!

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