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It’s just not the same….

When we found out that I was pregnant after almost a year after the miscarriage, we were so happy – but then there was always a fear of another miscarriage resonating behind all the happiness and joy. Thankfully I had an amazing pregnancy the 2nd time around – sadly no cravings! But I did eat a lot of pizza, so maybe that could be considered a craving. One of my most memorable experiences during the pregnancy was going back and staying home during my last trimester! I loved being around all my family and spending time with all my friends. This was the first time that I was back in Dallas for more than two weeks after we were married and I loved it! Oh how things have changed from 8 years ago!


Some of the changes I noticed while I was in Dallas… There are many more, but these are what I thought to share now.

1. Getting around is a lot easier if you have a toll tag!
Going from one city to another is easier when your car has a toll-tag because there are faster routes using the toll roads!

2. Traffic!
I cannot believe how horrible the traffic is during peak times! Everyone I met would complain about how bad the traffic has gotten in the last few years! When I used to live in Dallas, I never checked Google Traffic (I don’t think that option was there 8 years ago..) but now- if you go out during peak hours, you are most probably going to be stuck on the road!

3. Home prices have sky-rocketed!
Prices are lower than Toronto and New York, but not used to seeing home prices so high in Dallas! Many companies have moved their headquarters to Dallas so more people are also moving down, houses sell so fast and home prices have gone up with all this demand! If you compare a $500K home in Dallas vs. Toronto, the value is still better in Dallas… but the amount you have to give over to be in a good neighborhood is just ridiculous!


4. There’s a lot of crazy drivers on the road!
I blame the crazy drivers all on the company’s who have/are moving to Dallas and bringing all the psycho drivers with them! :-/ I always thought Dallas had marginally good drivers, but this last trip I’ve changed my mind. Too many people with road rage, forgetting their turn signals made me almost think that I was back in Kuwait again! Drivers don’t have the patience and will overtake you even if it is illegal or dangerous.

klyde warren park
5. There’s a new urban park on top of a highway!
Klyde Warren Park resides over the Woodall Rogers Highway and it’s beautiful. Seeing some green in the middle of a buildings on both sides makes it seem almost a smaller version of Central Park! There’s always some event going on and it’s a great place to take your family!

world heart
6. There is a bigger ethnic population and more variety of food!                                        Growing up, the population around me was was mostly White, Mexican and Black. This time I saw all different types of people and I was so happy to see Dallas expanding and more cultures all around. Going with the different food offerings goes with more types of people of different backgrounds! Whether you want just an amazing hamburger, pizza, BBQ, or more ethnic food like Chinese, Tex-Mex, Indian, Middle Eastern, Japanese, Thai etc. Whatever you can think of it is available and with really good food!  This has to be one of my favorite things! I loved the food scene in Toronto because EVERY single type of food was available. This time in Dallas I noticed that you can get Korean BBQ, authentic Neapolitan pizza, along with classics!   I love going to a restaurant and seeing the different types of people inside and it makes me happy that we are all able to coexist even though there are so many issues happening around the world.

7. Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge                                                                                                             This bridge which also has a park next to it is beautiful. It is built over the Trinity River in Downtown Dallas and can be viewed as you enter or leave downtown. The design is so pretty that as you are driving towards or away the shape also changes!

635 lbj

8. 635 Construction Ended 
The dangerous 635 construction that has been going on for almost 10 years has finally ended and there is an Express Lane, HOV lane, and a Toll road underneath the normal highway. This was a pretty cool experience, but I have been told the cost of the toll is variable depending on the exit and time of day you are driving so beware of this! Even though the construction on 635 has ended, I-35 is no where being close to done! I 35 and 75 were 2 of the worst highways to travel on! I would take different roads just to avoid these two because of the traffic/road work!

Ford Center

9. Frisco is the new “in” place for suburban living!
So many people I know have moved to Frisco! Even the Cowboys have moved their training facility inside The Ford Center!

10. Dallas has another useless reality show series called Real Housewives of Dallas!
A bunch women on TV making Dallas look like it’s full of idiots!


10 thoughts on “It’s just not the same….”

  1. I used to cover the commercial real estate market down there and was surprised that while the rest of the country was putting construction on hold and stopping current projects, Dallas and all of Texas was booming with growth and development. It’s fun to see the growth from your perspective. – Katy


    1. Oh Yah, I noticed this also… happy that Texas has been doing well, it’s kept all my family and friends with jobs while many were hit during the recession!


  2. I would love to live somewhere that offers a variety of cuisines! The nearest large city is a 45-minute drive for us, and it does offer a lot. It would just be nice to hop in the car & be 5 minutes away from a decent meal. Also, we have to make that same drive in order to find anything fun to do. I suppose the upside to all of it is that I don’t have to fight traffic on a daily basis. I guess every location has its pros and cons.


    1. Oh wow I can’t even imagine that, but small town life is interesting also. No traffic, people know each other etc… 45 minutes isn’t too bad though to get to a city… you’re far away from the chaos, but close enough when you feel like venturing into the city.


  3. It is always crazy when you have left home for years and come back to see all the new things going on. From difficult to interesting, there’s no place like home even with all ten changes.


  4. Dallas in on my list of places to visit at some point so I really appreciate you giving us a real perspective about what to look out for. P.S. I also miscarried the first time around as well which totally made me paranoid the second time around, but I’m pretty sure I’m soo much more thankful for my little guy because of it! God Bless!


    1. Dallas is a great place to visit with great food joints if you are a foodie! Please let me know if you are ever planning and I can give you some tips of places to visit and things to do!

      Sorry to hear about your miscarriage, but I’m happy that you have a little boy now! ❤


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