Copycat – PF Changs Mongolian Beef


After coming to Kuwait, I’ve realized finding decent Chinese food is difficult. Most Chinese takeouts add way too much sauce and it’s like you’re having to dig out the meat. One of my go to places in Kuwait if I want decent Chinese food is PF Changs. Before you start, I know PF Changs is no where close to being authentic…but it’s the only place I can get anything that taste halfway there! One of  the reasons I hesitate going to PF Changs is it can get pricey and add up if you go often. A few appetizers and main dishes can go to around KD 30. That’s about 100 bucks! I don’t mind spending money at restaurants for special occasions, but not at a place like PF Changs!

I started searching for Chinese food recipes and came across a few for different copycat PF Changs recipes. I’ve never made anything beyond stir-frys and fried rice when it comes to Chinese food – so I was a bit nervous to try it out.

Usually when I want to make something new, I’ll find 3 or 4 different recipes and read through them and combine them all together. For Mongolian Beef, I merged the following two:



What I ended up doing was marinating the beef with soy sauce, sambal, and dredged it in cornstarch. Then I refrigerated it for 2 hours to set the meat. Then I took it out and brought it to room temperature before frying the beef.  Then I followed “The Woks of Life” recipe. This was a great recipe with easy directions to follow!








4 thoughts on “Copycat – PF Changs Mongolian Beef”

  1. Mouth watering pic. Am sure it tasted better than the original recipe 👍
    Is there an alternative to soya sauce in the above recipe or any Chinese / Far East cuisine ?


  2. Looks yummy and sounds easy 😍 Sincere requests for the Dynamite Shrimp at your next attempt.

    PS. Please do inform when you intend on whisking it up as well😇


    1. HAHA I have been asked by many to try out dynamite shrimp! Will have to try it next, but need to convince The Husband to clean the shrimp once we buy it 😛


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