Cookies Galore!

For this last Christmas/New Year we were not able to go back home to be with our loved ones during the holidays and were stuck in Kuwait. It was a an emotional time for me because I was missing all the festivities, but we tried to do a little something here to take away the homesickness as much as we could.

One of the things we did was make cookies! I’m pretty good baker,but 20151226_134652cookies have always intimidated me! I think because of how delicate they are, but this year I thought “Oh why not, I should try this out!” So I went to my favorite baking website/blog (Sally’s Baking Addiction) She has such a wonderful website and I love the tips she puts in. I went through her site and found a few cookies to try out.

These were the cookies I chose to make:

1. Thumbprint Shortbread Cookies  (I used Strawberry Jam instead)
2. Snickerdoodle Cookies
3. Holiday Sugar Cookies  (I wanted to try out the frosting, but didn’t have enough time to have it hardened)
4. Coconut Macaroons

I also made brownies and did little heart cutouts (I know it wasn’t Valentines, but I wanted to do a shape different from the normal square and all my other cookie cutters were too big so I used the heart)

I planned to have all the cookies done on Christmas Day (Friday) so that I wouldn’t be stressed out the next day because our guests were coming over on Saturday night.. Also Friday night we were going to one of our close friends for dinner so I needed to make a dish for that.

We woke up a little late Friday morning and made a nice brunch for ourselves. After brunch I started out on the cookies, I of course being the wonderful planner I was didn’t read that 2 of the cookies needed to be chilled over 4 hours to make until I was ready to make! Ok, that’s not a problem.. I can just prep now and quickly bake in the night. I started the

Baking Collage
The Final Product! I forgot to take pictures of the shortbread cookies.. but everything was delicious! 

Snicker-doodle, and a small incident happened. I don’t know how these things always happen – but somehow again I hurt myself… while I was using the hand mixer! I was cleaning the sides of my bowl with the spatula, but somehow my hand collided with the hand mixer. I cannot even begin to explain the pain I felt as my hand convulsed through the beaters. I was finally able to take my hand out, and my hand was the same color as my Red Hot Rio nail polish and it wouldn’t stop shaking. By now The Husband was in the kitchen trying to figure out what to do. I took a couple of pills help with the pain, and went to lay down in bed.. I think the pain was so bad that I passed out!

So that was the beginning of my cookie experience..and oh what a memorable experience it was/is! I was able to make all the cookies with the help of The Husband who did all the mixing and rolling in the end because my fingers were stuck in a bent position and burning from the cuts.We ended up staying up pretty much all Friday night making the cookies and slept in Saturday!

The cookies all turned out well and we were able to pack them and give them away to our guests to take home as a treat!



2 thoughts on “Cookies Galore!”

  1. Amazing what you did. So looks like you are not intimidated by cookies anymore. I have two questions – which cookie did you like and which one was the easiest to make?


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