Turkey 2015 – Part 1

I know this is about 4 months late, but I guess the phrase better late than never works best here. I have been wanting to share about my Turkey Trip since January, but I just wasn’t able to properly write a post. I have been working on this post for about 2 weeks off and on and there was just so much about Turkey I think I am going to divide it into parts. So here’s my Turkey Part 1.

Merhaba! This is “Hello” in Turkish…

On the way back from our Canada/US visit, we were able to spend a few days in Istanbul. We were able to do this because we flew Turkish Airlines and so it was an easy stopover on the way back. Even though it was really cold and wet during our visit, it was really worth the trip! What a beautiful city Istanbul is!

We were able to do all the touristic things and also just walk through different streets. I think I really enjoyed this trip because it was right after our Canada/US pilgrimage and we were able to decompress! Even though visiting home was our vacation, it really was a stressful trip because we had so many people to see and things to do all jam packed in 20 days and splitting the time between families and all.

While in Istanbul,we stayed in the historical Sultanahmet area. We were able to pick a hotel using our AirMiles so didn’t have to pay for a hotel which is always one of the most expensive parts of going on a trip. I was really happy with the area we picked because it was really quiet and also it faced the sea. Since we were traveling from Canada and back to Kuwait, our jetlag would hit around 9 PM and then we would wake up around 12 AM go back to sleep and by 4:30 AM we were up! So every morning we would be ready and out the door by 7 to have our breakfast and then go out and explore by 8. This was great because we didn’t waste any time sleeping in (like our normal vacations) and was able to take in all the sites.

First Evening

By the time we arrived to our hotel it was already around 4 PM. We put our suitcases in our room, and quickly put our coats on to explore around our hotel. We didn’t want to restin our rooms since we just did a 14 hour flight direct from Toronto so we knew we’d just pass out and waste an evening. The evening was cold and as it grew dark the puddles were turning into ice. Also, . I was really scared of falling because I’m such a clutz! Thankfully my boots had a good grip. I loved walking around the streets of Sultanahmet area, seeing all the houses and streets was just beautiful. I took a few pictures of the streets which I’ll share.

We were starving and just kept walking trying to find the perfect place for dinner. We passed by many big places that had men standing outside trying to intice you into eating, but felt they were more like tourist traps. We kept walkig and stumbled upon a small place called Ziya Baba. Usually when we go on a trip we research the area and best places to eat and all, but since we were busy with our Canada/US visit, we were not able to do that. Thankfully we came across this amazing family run establishment that served AMAZING food. The food was amazing and the prices were even better! I really enjoyed eating here and also just the ambiance in general. The mom was behind the stove and the father and son would do the waitstaff job. The best part was it was warm inside so we were able to just relax and enjoy our first night in Turkey! I was so happy to have found this place on our first night.

If you haven’t realized by now, The Husband and I are complete foodies. So going to any place having great food is just as important as seeing the sites!

One thing I noticed about the area we stayed were the amount of stray dogs and cats. Stray dogs always scare me and I try to avoid them. Thankfully these dogs left us alone. The cats were the fattest stray cats that I have ever seen!

We we had a pretty laid back evening, but here’s a couple of pictures from our first day of Turkey.

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