Easter Sunday

The Husband and I woke up at 2:30 AM early this morning to go to church for our Easter service. We had to arrive around 4 so that we can get a place to sit! When we reached the place was empty and I was thinking, o man I could’ve slept an extra 30 minutes, but then by 4:15 the place was packed and people were sitting on the grass and all. 20150405_035928

It was such a wonderful feeling to be in the midst of so many people of the same faith and being able to worship God together. There were so many different people from all types races and walks of life, but coming together and praising God was just amazing.

I took a couple pictures, you can see the transformation from night to sunrise.

Here's the sun slowly starting to rise.
Here’s the sun slowly starting to rise.

Below is a link for a song that I really enjoy listening to (Sorry I tried to integrate it into this post, but wasn’t able to)


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