Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – Abu Dhabi

Recently I had to go to Abu Dhabi for a work exhibition and I had a free evening so I was able to visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.

Since I moved to the Middle East, this was one of the things on my bucket list to visit! I’ve read about the grand mosque, seen pictures, but I can say that words and pictures did not do it justice! I have never been in such awe of a structure in my life! The details of the building was just fascinating.

My only complaint was the staff of the mosque. I think the problem was they didn’t speak proper English and when they came to enforce rules, they were very rude! One example was, after I got the Abaya, The Husband and I took a picture together in front of the mosque. One security guard came running after us saying that he needs to see the picture and we have to delete it. He kept repeating we need to take “simple” pictures and finally when we were so confused he said we shouldn’t show any affection at the mosque, which confused us even more but we realized it’s because we were standing too close together. Thankfully we only got stopped twice, once for the picture and the second because I didn’t cover my head as I was walking around. But these guys were after all the people to make sure they followed the rules.

I really enjoyed this visit to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and happy I am able to cross another thing off my bucket list.

Here’s some pictures for you from my trip!

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