I Love September

I know lately I’ve been slacking on my blog, and not sticking my 3 posts a week, but I have just been so busy with work and traveling! So hoping to make up for it by keeping track of my days and write something atleast 2 times a week!

September is my favorite month of the year! The air turns a bit cooler, in Kuwait this means from 130 to 100, which is a HUGE difference. My memories of childhood come back to me.. The excitement Fall in Niagraand fear of the new school year to start, all the shopping and prepping for the first day of school, and seeing my friends and finding out who will be my teachers for the new year… Ya I was a nerd…

In Toronto, Fall is my favorite time of the year because you see all the leaves changing colors. I love seeing the orange, yellow, and red leaves as I drive through the streets. In September the Mister and I would drive to Ottawa or Niagara just so we can enjoy the beautiful foliage around us. I really do miss doing things like that living in Kuwait! Here the palm trees just get closed up for the winter! No leaves to change colors. 😦

Another reason to love this month is because of football! I miss watching football! I miss being in Texas where everything revolves around different sports! I miss the Cowboys!

Another reason why September is the best time of the year is because it’s a great for change! You might be thinking, uumm isn’t January just a few months away? September is not a “New Year”, but I like to do them in September because no decision I ever make in January ever sticks so if you start them early, you will get used to it and by January you’ll have your resolution already in the basket!

My last reason for loving September is because it’s my Birthday month! WooHoo! This year I turned 30! Yup, I still remember turning 20, and now I’m 30. I don’t think it’s hit me that I’ve turned 30 because I don’t feel any anxiety or anything really. To celebrate my birthday the Mister and I went to Thailand. We wanted to go to a few cities to see Thailand all around but because of how busy work was we weren’t able to get away for longer than a week. We decided to just relax and chill so we went to Phuket. We went during off season time so it was great! Another reason to love September is the kids are back in school so many places are not as busy! Phuket was pretty dead so we were able to relax and enjoy the place without having to deal with so many tourists all around!

I’ll write another post later on about my thoughts on Phuket.

That’s all for now!

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