Casual Update

I know it’s been a while since I last wrote, but things have just been so busy for me!

I basically go to work in the morning and then come back home eat dinner and then go to bed because I am so exhausted! It doesn’t help that it’s so hot outside! When I say it’s hot, I mean it has reached up to 125 F (52 C) already! By the time I come back to the office from being out all day, I am ready to just take a nap! I am so excited for Ramadan because everthing shuts down in the afternoon so I will be able to take daily naps.. 🙂

Last Friday was The Husband and I’s 5th wedding anniversary! How exciting is that.. I don’t if I was really excited that we made it to 5 years without holding a gun to each other’s head.. I know many people who are on their 20+ anniversary so 5 is not a big deal, but it is pretty cool for us!

Quick selfie before going out for dinner!
Quick selfie before going out for dinner!

And then yesterday was our 1 year anniversary of being in Kuwait! I still am surprised that I am actually living in Kuwait and not in my 4 bedroom house in Texas… but there are many detours along the way and I pray that one day I will get to be back in Texas!

Anyhow, I think that’s just a general update on what’s been going on with me! I’ve made a few things and will post the recipes of it soon so stay tuned!

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