Spring is here…

Spring is in the air..In Kuwait spring is over and summer has started..

When I was in Toronto, spring had not reached! It was cold and there was still snow! Two days ago, it snowed again in Toronto! I just checked the weather in all these places and it’s showing as 50 in Dallas, 36 in Toronto, and 99 in Kuwait! All the temperatures are in Fahrenheit … Sorry I am not a fan of IMG_20130515_180811Celsius..

I was really disappointed that Spring hadn’t hit in Toronto because I was so excited to drive by our old place and see the beautiful Japanese Cherry Blossoms blooming outside the park nearby. All I saw when I drove by was empty tree branches! This park is special because it was donated by the city Kariya in Japan. Kariya is Mississauga’s twin city. When you go inside this park, you don’t even know you’re in the city, but feel like you’ve magically been transported to some other place! I used to love going and sitting inside. It’s such a peaceful place!


Back to my original thought of the Japanese Cherry Blossoms..

The other day I saw an article on Distractify on Japanese Cherry Blossoms and I was thinking of last Spring and my beautiful pictures.. I thought I’d share them with you and also you can see the link that has all the beautiful pictures of Japanese Cherry Blossoms.




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