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Ribs.. and Dr. Pepper.. It does the body good!

I have been craving ribs for so long, but we can’t get any PORK baby back ribs here.. Some good ‘ole southern ribs! When we were in Toronto there was an event called “Ribfest” and it was in different parts of Toronto for about two months during this summer. We loved going for that because you can try different ribs from different parts of the USA, I always like picking the southern ones because I’m a southern country girl! …and cue the song < — Click there. (The song is my life minus the boy living in Detroit and a few other parts.. OK, just the beginning part is true…)

Back to the story of my ribs…I went to different grocery stores trying to find beef ribs (not the short ribs) and after going to 3 different grocery stores ( 2 Sultan Centers, 1 City Center) I was able to find it at the Lulu! I paid about 7KD for a rack of ribs ($24.86 USD).. I was not sure if it is a good price or what, but I bought it.

I went home and started Googling BBQ sauce recipes because the BBQ you get in Kuwait is horrible!  I found a Pioneer Woman (yes I love her, she’s my hero) recipe for BBQ Sauce. What caught my attention IMG_20140303_092637was it said “Spicy Dr. Pepper Ribs”. I love Dr. Pepper! That is the only soft drink that makes me all happy and puts me in my happy place! I read it and it looked pretty simple and I knew I could get all the ingredients here so I created my list and went grocery shopping.

Grocery List for BBQ Sauce

1 cup Brown Sugar

1 Can Dr. Pepper

1 Can Chipotle Peppers packed in Adobo

1/3 cup Brown mustard

1 Tablespoon white Vinegar

3 Cloves of garlic minced

I was able to find everything except the chipotle peppers and brown mustard. I found a bottle of chipotle puree in adobo so thought I would try that. I used grain mustard instead of brown mustard. Hey cooking is like chemistry! You never know what you’ll get at the end!

I minced my garlic into as small pieces as I could, and then added a saucepan onto the stove. I then added the brown sugar, Dr. Pepper, and mixed it so the brown sugar wouldn’t get clumpy, and then added the rest of the ingredients and mixed it. I brought it to a boil and then lowered the heat and let it cook for about 30 minutes while mixing periodically.

I waited for the Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce to cool, so I washed and dried my ribs in the meantime and put it on a baking tray that is line with foil bone side down.  (EASIER CLEAN UP if you add the foil paper!)

Once the sauce cooled I brushed the BBQ sauce LIBERALLY onto both the sides, covered the top with foil and stuck in the fridge to marinate overnight. I came home late from work the next day so it stayed in the fridge for about 24 hours!

The next day I started searching how to best cook the ribs. I know beef is a tough meat and the ribs part of the beef (I can’t say the animal name) is the toughest part so cooking it properly was crucial. After doing extensive research, I preheated the oven to 300 F (148.8 C) and placed the ribs covered onto the rack. I put my rack towards the middle of the oven. I left it there for one hour. Then I took it out and brushed on some BBQ sauce and turned it bone side up and brushed on more sauce. Then I recovered and left it on for another 30 minutes, sauced, turned, sauced, and put it back in the oven covered.  After 30 minutes I did it again, sauce, turn, sauce, BUT left it open. So far it has been cooking for two hours. I cooked for another 30 minutes, sauced, turned, sauced, AND turned on the Broiler and let it crisp the top so it would look like it was made on the grill. (You can add a little bit of liquid smoke to your BBQ sauce if you want it to be smokey.. I didn’t think of this until later) I kept it on the broiler for about 10 minutes and took it out. I let it cool down for about 5 minutes and then just cut to riblettes and served!

I really didn’t make any sides with this because I did not want to take away from the integrity of the taste of the ribs, but my conscious would not let me get away with no salad, so I created a simple tomato salad. I minced some garlic and toasted it on the stove, I had some cherry tomatoes that I halved and then mixed that with some balsamic vinaigrette and salt and pepper and that was my impromptu salad! Easy, simple, and delicious! After going to Italy, I’ve learned salads are meant to be simple and delicious, no more complicated salads for me! Chop vegetables, mix some lemon juice and olive oil with pepper and there you go! Easy healthy salad dressing! No need for ranch or Caesar dressing!  Alright, I digress… what else is new?

IMG_20140303_093839The ribs turned out really good! My only complaint was, and it is my fault because I couldn’t get the right chili peppers, the BBQ sauce came out to be more sweeter than spicy, but The Husband loved it and that’s all that matters in the end!

Side note: I will never again buy BBQ sauce! Making it at home is so easy and takes only 30 minutes to put together and cook! 

So we enjoyed like cavemen and cave-women and got our hands and face dirty eating the ribs, but it was a nice treat! Now to get onto the treadmill and walk away all the pounds and calories from our wonderful night of gluttony!

4 thoughts on “Ribs.. and Dr. Pepper.. It does the body good!”

  1. They look great! Good job! 🙂 I too have found myself making things at home I used to buy out of homesick desperation – it’s usually ends up being a good thing. We have LuLu too – seems like they have a pretty good assortment of North American things…


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