My blogging journey

Since moving to Kuwait, I’ve been updating my blog regularly. I started  blogging because I wanted to have a systematic archive of my life and experiences.

Since the move, I wanted to write more about my experiences as an American in  the Middle East. I’ve gotten some great supporters/readers of my blog and I never thought other people would be interested in reading about my life, but it’s a pretty great experience!

Blogging has taught me many things.

1. I’ve started to look at my day introspectively

At the end of the day when I sit down in front of my laptop, I think about my  day and what happened, what I did, what I should have done, what I did do, etc. It’s kind of like therapy, except for free! I sit and reflect on my thoughts and then try to put it into words, but it’s harder than it seems. I  haven’t seriously written since my high school creative writing days, but I’m up for the challenge. I want to become a better writer, and I hope this blog will enable me to do that.

2. I share my feelings more

The Husband jokingly calls me cold-hearted… I have feelings, but I am careful of when/where to show it. I’ve always been the type to smile my way through everything. In this blog, I have tried to be more open about my feelings, but it is tough. I struggle with sharing my feelings on my blog  because I wonder, how open should I be? This is not an anonymous blog, and I don’t want to hurt others or put myself into a “compromising” situation.  Another thought that runs through my head, is “what will people think”.. this is where I have to remind myself… (Yes I do talk to myself and give myself  pep talks) “This blog is about you, you should write what you want, don’t care about other people” I’m trying to find a balance on what and how much I should share about my life.

3. My creative outlet

This is my creative outlet for writing! I want to be able to write more than just about cooking and traveling, I want to take it to the next level.. but I am not sure how. This blog has enabled me to meet some interesting people! It’s exciting to see a different set of people who are put into similar surroundings and read their stories.

4. Patience

I am not a patient person. I am your typical Type A results oriented impatient person! I always have a plan or goal in mind and I get irritated when others don’t understand my sense of urgency or the value of time. Ya great person to be living in the Middle East! Things here are mostly relaxed, your meetings never start on time, people do not understand what the term “sense of urgency” is. Tasks and lists make me happy! I think I’ve eased up on this in my personal life, but I’m still pretty crazy about it for my
professional life. OK, I just went on a tangent regarding my personality and things that irritate me..that’s another post in itself! Having a blog really has taught me to be more patient. In order to write, I’ve learned that I need patience and also I need to be calm. Usually I have a million things running through my head and so it’s hard for me to focus and write, but I have learned that I get better results when I am able to clear my mind.

I’m excited to continue my blog journey and share my thoughts and experiences with you.

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