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Bu Qtair Fish Restaurant

The Husband and I love going to little mom and pop type places especially when we travel. It’s always these restaurants that are the jewels of the city. While we were in Dubai, we went to a fish place called Bu Qtair Fish Restaurant. This place can’t really be called a restaurant, but a run down shack that serves AMAZING food! After doing some research, I learned that it used to be a place that would serve cheap food to the laborers, and it just started growing in clientele slowly. Now if you don’t get there around 6-6:30, get ready to wait. We reached late, around 9 and waited about 30 minutes to order our food and then another 45 minutes for our food to be made. The whole process is pretty smooth considering there’s nobody to usher you or tell you where to go. When you finally reach the counter, you might be a little confused and overwhelmed because there is no menu. You pick what is in front of you…you have your options of different fish (Hamour, Pomfret, Snapper) and shrimp. These are all marinated and ready for picking. There is also a warm flat bread called Parotta available with a gravy on the side and also rice. By the time we reached, the only option we had was Hamour so we picked that and shrimp. There were four of us so one Hamour was good enough for us.

Inside the kitchen
Inside the kitchen

After we ordered, we went back outside and found some stools to sit on towards the side. You’re not allowed to hold tables apparently, but when your food is ready, the “waiters” will give you a table and stools. As we sat and waited, I couldn’t help but check out my surroundings. The place is off Jumeriah Beach Road, it’s surrounded by homes and hotels and you would not expect to have a place like this in Dubai! Dubai is known for their 5 star and 7 star restaurants, but to have a fish place like this such a novel idea! If you’re not from around here and have been to other beaches you might think what’s the big deal, but for a place like Dubai where trendy and elegant is the benchmark, I really happy to have a place like Bu Qtair surviving!

After our 45 minute wait, they called our name and our food was ready! We were taken to our “table” (This was a low plastic table with stools around) and I was so excited about the fish because the person who took us there has been talking up this place for almost a month and a half! It was the moment of reckoning! I took some obligatory pictures of the fish and you can see the before and after pictures! I’m a big Fork and Knife person and they asked if I wanted one, but for a place like this you gotta dig in and use your hands! I usually carry hand sanitzer wipes with me, and they also have a sink located inside so you can wash your hands!

Our fish before (on top) Finished fish (bottom)
Our fish before (on top)
Finished fish (bottom)

The fish lived up to it’s raves and I am waiting till our next Dubai trip to go back!

2 thoughts on “Bu Qtair Fish Restaurant”

  1. I was just thinking that I wanted to do a post about this place before it gets too hot to eat there comfortably! That’s awesome that you went there. I was thinking how in normal cities, you get really excited about going to a five star hotel/restaurant since it’s a rare occurrence (at least for me). Only in Dubai do you get excited in the same way over a fish shack. It’s really refreshing to go to a low key place here.


    1. I know what you mean! This fish place is a legend 🙂 There was a smoked meat place we used to go to in Montreal and the line reminded me of our sandwhich shop in Montreal!

      It’s always fun finding this tiny hideaways!


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