Happy Valentines Day … One day late

Valentines Day… The day that cards, chocolates, flowers, candy hearts are exchanged with their “valentines”..the day of love….

I remember as a child we would have Valentines Day parties in our classrooms. The teacher would decorate the room in red, pink, and white and we (children) would decorate shoe boxes for card holders. Then wait anxiously until our party so we can read the cards and then eat candy.

In middle school and high school there were candy grams and flowers that we would send to our friends. As I got older, I started to ignore Valentines Day. The day didn’t mean so much to me, but just another day that has become a commercialized success for the American economy.

Valentines is great and all, all love and romance and blah blah blah.. but then I think of all the women who are suffering from domestic abuse, those who have been victims of rape, sex trafficking.

I first became aware of this by watching a documentary called “Born into Brothels”. This was a documentary about the children of prostitutes, in the red light district of Kolkata, India. Not exactly sex-trafficking, but it opened my eyes.

The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children estimates that over 100,000 children are trafficked every year within the United States and that hundreds of thousands more are at risk.

President Obama declared January 2014 as National Human Trafficking Awareness Month. One organization that is a great resource and working towards “the abolition of child trafficking and exploitation through prevention and aftercare” is Love146. This is their mission statement.

I don’t want to preach about this, but I urge you to be more aware of what is going on and take a stand!

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