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Dubai Adventures Part 1

The new year started and we’ve already reached February 16!

It’s been such a busy year for me! The last month we went to Dubai for work twice, but were able to take a few days for ourselves.

Our first night in Dubai, we went to a place called Bahri Bar at Mina A’Salam in Mandit Jumeriah! This place was gorgeous! I think it’s a resort that has two different hotels, and the inside of the hotel is beautiful! There is a waterway that you can walk along or take a boat ride along. We walked around the waterway when we were trying to find where the restaurant was. We finally found Bahri Bar and since the weather in Dubai was amazing, we decided to sit outside! The view was great! We had a view of the waterway and the Burj al Arab was in our background. The restaurant had such a nice relaxing feel to it! The food was great and we really enjoyed the view that came along with it..especially when the lights started changing colors on the Burj al Arab at night! Here’s some pictures that I took and there’s a picture I found online that will do the place more justice than my pictures!

bahi bar

Found this online, amazing view and ambiance!
Found this online, amazing view and ambiance!
Rose petals inside the water in the lobby!
Rose petals inside the water in the lobby!

The first weekend, we did a desert safari with a good friend of mine who was transiting through Dubai. It’s always so nice to see old friends and catch up with them. This was the first time The Husband and met him so I was excited that they got along so well! I’m not sure when we’ll get to meet him next, but it was great to just be among friends. We booked a Desert safari for Sunday night and all three of us were really excited about the Dune Bashing! The Land Cruiser picked us up from the hotel and then there was another group that was coming with us so we had to pick them up from the mall. We waited at the mall for about 30 minutes for them to show up! Finally after almost 45 minutes they showed up, and there were 4 of them! They had only reserved seats for 2! So finally our adventure was about to start, after driving about 30 minutes out of Dubai we reached the desert and the rest of the cars from the Tour company. They took us into the desert and stopped to take the air out of the tires. We all got out and took a couple of pictures, this is the first time I’ve been in desert and I was just amazed. The sand is so fine and pure.. Walking up is a challenge and thank God I was wearing boots! No sand inside my feet! As we walked our feet were going into the sand, it was an interesting experience trying to climb up when the ground below you is not steady! After our dune bashing experience we went to where they set up camp and had dinner and entertainment. We did the obligatory ride on top of the camel and O BOY! My brother would watch Barney as a kid and he  would sing Sally the camel had 4 humps, but I never really thought about how big their humps actually were.. I get next to one and I’m trying to put my leg over the camel, but my legs were too short, I was scared to push up so THE HUSBAND had to help me sit on the camel like a child…:-/ I never knew Camels were so tall! When we got on them they were sitting so I didn’t really think anything, but when they got up I almost had a freak/panic attack and couldn’t stop laughing with the terror, but then it was fine.. The going down part was another drama, I almost fell off as the camel was kneeling forward to sit…The camel man came running to make sure I don’t topple over… So that’s my camel stories… Onto the actual entertainment part… there were belly dancers and men that did folk dances. I enjoyed the men doing the folk dancing the best! Even though we had a rocky start, it was a great evening overall!



Another touristy attraction we were able to experience was the Dubai Fountains. Over the last few weeks we saw it a few times because we were having dinner in the area, but I enjoyed the fountain show each time!

Burj Khalifa at night!
Burj Khalifa at night!

We also went to the Wafi Mall, which is Egyptian themed. It was pretty cool to see all the monuments.. (Yes I know they are not real!) I’ve always wanted to go to Egypt to see the Pyramids and experience the Egyptian culture. Ever since reading about Pharaoh in the Bible and watching the 10 Commandments on TV every Easter for probably 10 years straight with my family when I was young, I’ve been fascinated with that part of history. (It has nothing to do with Charlton Heston I promise!…for those of you who have no idea who I am talking about please click his name and see..Wikipedia Biography)

wafi 1

wafi 2


One other thing that I loved about Dubai was…..

Fresh Watermelon Juice!!
Fresh Watermelon Juice!!

I am obsessed with this stuff! Every time I had the option, I would order this juice.. I never even thought about Watermelon Juice before! My cousin introduced me to it and I will forever be grateful! 🙂

Overall, the trip was great, but TIRING! Since we went for Arab Health, we were on our feet for 8 hours each day and then by the time we get to bed and sleep it would be close to midnight and then you sleep and the next day starts…. It was great that I was able to meet some great people, but by the end of our second trip both The Husband and I were sick and just ready to come home and sleep for 24 hours straight!

O and I discovered a new drug called Chloraseptic Sore Throat… they are amazing lozenges and I was popping them in with Advil Cold and Sinus, and my cold is all gone! 🙂

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