The Maid Experience

We have recently started using a maid and I thought I’d start a series called “The Maid Experience”.

After coming to Kuwait, almost everyone we’ve met has a maid that is either full time or part time. Originally we decided we wouldn’t need one because it’s just the two of us and we were fine the last 4 years in Canada by ourselves… but for some reason, coming home after work and then cooking and cleaning really started to take a toll on us. We would pretty much just fall into bed exhausted from the days work.

The Husband and I discussed the situation and decided that we would try and find a maid part-time. This was no easy task, but we found one that would travel to where we stay. Both of us were a little anxious about having an “outsider” come into our house..We’ve just heard so many stories about maids and are praying that we don’t have to experience any of it. The only thing we really want her to do is cook and do a little bit of cleaning. The maid came twice this last week, the first day she was very chatty and was telling me she has 5 kids in India and how one of them can’t have kids so it was expensive to do treatment.

Second day, I told her what to make and stayed inside the room because I had to get work done. She finished up washing and cooking everything in two hours! I was impressed! I can cook well, but I’m it takes me a longer amount of time to make dinner!

It’s too early to tell how she will be, but I am hopeful!

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