Qout Market Experience

Last Saturday we went to Qout Market. This is an outdoor market that was at the rooftop parking of the Arraya Mall in the city. The word “qout” is Arabic for Food, and this market is all about food. There are so many different types of vendors and tents that sell local foods and products. I love supporting local qoutmarketprojects/products. I love that Kuwait is starting to adapt this concept of local grown local made! When this happens, you have pride in your country and pride in the work! When we went on Saturday, there were so many cooked food tents, fresh vegetables grown in local Kuwaiti farms, fresh flowers, homemade candles, crafts, fresh honey farms, jams, pickles, and paintings by local artists. There was even face painting and a petting zoo for kids!



Qout market 1

After walking around a couple times we decided to try out the different food offerings. There were so many different things to choose from, so we decided to shre and try out a few different things. One of my favorite booth’s was the Taco’s place… This was called Solotacos! As we were waiting for our taco’s I asked the person who was serving the food where they were from and they’re from Tijuana! I was so excited becuase I knew the taco’s would authentic and delicious! We ordered the beef and chicken with onions, guac, and one with verde sauce and the other with hot sauce. The taco’s tasted really good! I reminded me of a place in Dallas called Fuel city (It’s a taco place located in a gas station.. ya that’s how we roll in Dallas 😉 ).. Then we picked up some fresh homemade salsa from a family who makes their own salsa. This was a pretty good salsa! I make my own salsa, but I always love trying out different ones just to compare.. They also had other items that were really tasty, but we only bought the salsa. By the time we ate our taco’s the crowd started coming in and both The Husband and I are not fans of crowds. We still had two more stalls to visit.. The first was this food stall that was selling shredded prime rib with sweet mashed potatos! We decided to get our last item and eat both of these in the car. So here comes the finale! The reason we went to this Qout Market is because I saw on 248.com that there is a local place that sells cannoli’s. I LOVE CANNOLI’s! I’m not a big fan of desserts or chocolates, but I have 5 dessert items that take me to my happy place and cannoli’s are one of them! So we went to the booth for the cannoli’s, the bakery is called Pasticceria Di Pietro… This place is owned by a couple and they are just the sweetest people! The wife is Kuwaiti and her husband is from Sicily so he KNOWS cannoli’s! They don’t have a store, but they deliver and told me they will be at Qout Market. So that’s how we went… After we got to the car we ate our shredded prime rib and sweet potato mash.. This was so delicious! The beef and the sweet potato had the right contrast! The mashed potato was soft and to the perfect consitency! Then we tried out the cannoli’s… and WOW! It was amazing! You bite into the crunchy shell and then the filling just goes into your mouth! I savored every bite of it!

Qout market 2

I think having markets and setups like this is great for Kuwait and the future of Kuwait! Having a community event really brings all different types of people together! It’s nice to see people outside and enjoying instead of going to the mall and sitting at a cafe! The vegetable and fruits available at the farmers markets are the freshest! Also another reason why I like going for events like this is because we can support the small farmers. These people usually work together as a family and whatever they sell is what they get. It’s their livelyhood. I am not sure how it is in Kuwait, but in the US and Canada this is the case. These markets are only available for a short period of time during the year so enjoy it! It’s a great way to be out and you are doing something out of the norm.. The prices at these markets are more expensive than going to your big box store, but I think of it as a day out. When you go out, you spend a certain amount of money. When you go out to the farmers market, spend that same money. You have get your entertainment and you get your fresh produce at the same time! I love the idea that “normal” people can be entrepreneur’s. The people I met at the Qout Market are people who are passionate about what they do and you can see how happy they are with what they do! I can’t wait for next month’s market!



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