Jamaican Curry Goat with Rice & Peas

I love goat meat! From the time I was young it’s been one of my favorite foods to eat! My mom would make goat curry and goat byriani. Now whenever I visit Dallas these are two dishes she always prepares for me!

Toronto has a big Jamaican/West Indies population so I was introduced to yummy Jamaican/West Indies cusine when I moved there. When we went to Jamaica, I had the “authentic” Curry Goat with Rice and Peas on the side. This was delicious! 

Curry Goat

After moving to Kuwait, we haven’t really had any Jamaican food so I have been thinking of making Curry Goat at home, but pushed away the idea because I thought it would be too much work! Over the weekend, I bought the ingredients needed and last night after I got home from the office, I finally tried it out!

Surprisingly, it was pretty simple to make! And the end result tasted amazing!! Jamaican Curry Goat has a different taste than the Indian goat curry my mother makes, but it still tastes delicious!

I searched different Jamaican Curry Goat recipes, and took a little bit of this and that from the different recipes and made my own 🙂 I tried to keep track of measurements this time… This is hard for me to do because I add spices according to how I feel… This time I used a tablespoon as my point of measurement.

2 lbs goat meat cut about to 1-2 pieces
3 medium red onions sliced
6 cloves of minced garlic (I usually just smash the garlic with my knife and then chop it as small as I could)
1 Tomatato chopped into chunky pieces
1 Hot Pepper chopped (Scotch bonnet is preferable, but Kuwait does not carry those so I just used another one..Also, FYI – Scotch Bonnet is a Spicy Pepper so use whatever you like according to your taste)
1 bunch of green onions chopped
2 1/2 spoons of curry powder
Jeera powder
1/4 teaspoon of dry mango powder (amchar powder)
Thyme (Could not find this so I added 1/2 teaspoon of dried Thyme)
1 spoon of tomato paste
some salt
black pepper

Make sure to wash and clean your meat well! I washed it around 6 times and I rinsed my meat with vinegar the second to last time and then dried it.

Next you can do two things, combine all the ingredients with 1/2 tablespoon curry powder- except onions, garlic, and oil, and meat and blend it to make a smooth paste. Now mix the paste with the meat and let it rest for a couple hours, or overnight if you are able to prepare it early. The other option is mix all the chopped ingredients with 1/2 tablespoon curry powder except onions, garlic and oil into the meat. Marinate for a couple hours or overnight. The more time you marinate the better the end result will be!

Then I heated up a large pot and heated up some oil and sauted the onions and added the garlic after a while. Next I added some black pepper and the remaining 2 tablespoons of curry powder. Let it fry and mesh with the onion garlic mixture. Add a little bit of water and let it form into a nice paste. After it turns into a paste add your meat mixture and stir it. If you add it a few pieces at a time you can stir it in easier. Add some salt (I have no measurement for salt because I usually under salt).

Lower your heat to Medium and close the lid to the pot and let the juices of the goat come out. Make sure that your meat does not get burned. If you feel it is sticking to the pan, lower your heat. I let it cook for a bout 35 minutes and then added about 3 cups of a water and gave it a good stir and closed it and let it simmer. Every 20 – 30 minutes I would check to make sure there was enough water. If you need to add extra water you can do so. I cooked my goat for about 2 hours almost and then it was ready.

I served it with my homemade rice and peas (kidney beans). It was a perfect combination and hearty enough to keep us warm and satisfied with this cold rainy weather we’ve gotten all of a sudden!


curry goat
Curry Goat with Rice & Peas

This recipe was one of my favorites and here are the different links I consulted to make my curry goat.

If you’ve tried any of the recipes I post, please let me know how it turns out. Or if you have any question you can always leave a comment or shoot me an email! spicyessence84 (at) gmail (dot) com.

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