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Looking Back and Looking Forward

As the new year is fast approaching (about 9 hours from now as I write this).. I cannot stop, but reflect on the memories of 2013 running through my head as if it were a slide show and also look towards the future of what 2014 will bring.

I still remember last New Years eve we were travelling back from Dallas to Toronto and the snow on our car was piled up in Buffalo Airport, we cleaned our car (by we I mean The Husband) and excitedly drove to Toronto to meet our friends and family at our church and wish everyone a Happy New Year! We have been doing this for the last couple of years and it’s always so great to see everyone around midnight because everyone is so happy and fully of energy! You get hugged and kissed and it’s extra special going back to Toronto because we were in Dallas a couple weeks! Little did I know this year I would only be reminiscing and not experiencing our old tradition!

Another big event in our life was our move to Kuwait! I know this was a shock to everyone, and it was also a shock to The Husband and I. The Husband had brought up the Middle East idea to me in the last kuwait towerscouple of years, but I always laughed it off. One day I told him, if you actually get something worthwhile I will consider it. One day The Husband came to me and said he was approached by somebody regarding an opportunity in the Middle East. I was shocked! When I told The Husband I would go if something happened, I really never thought anything would happen so that’s why I made such a definite statement! Well, I don’t want to get into the details, but we have been in Kuwait for six months…. Leaving our friends and family in Toronto was a very difficult decision, but we decided that we would do this. It’s an opportunity that would not come up again and we seized it!

In June our niece was born! We were only able to spend a couple of days with her before we left, but we cherished every moment of it. I took as many pictures of her as I could, and every time I think about her and not being around her as she grows up, it really makes me sad! One of my cousins has a daughter and from the time she was 6 months I was in Toronto, so I really enjoyed taking care of her and spending time wither and being the aunt that spoiled her! That bond that we created with her as she was growing up is something we hold dear to our hearts. I wish we were there to watch our niece grow up and babysit her and take care of her.

emily collage

These were the big “happenings” in my life this year… Last night a friend of ours from Toronto was transiting through Kuwait to Muscat. She got married in August and moved from Toronto to Muscat to be with her husband. She’s also going through the same feelings that we are going through so it was so nice just to talk and share with somebody who understood what I was feeling and what I was going through!

As I sit here and think of the New Year, I am thinking of different goals/accomplishments that I would like to have for the year. I don’t really write these down, but think of it in my head and start planning for them mentally. These are not resolutions per say, but just some things I would like to pull off in the year.

As we ring in the new year, I wish everyone a Blessed 2014 full of warm memories, love, and peace.

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