2 Layer Chocolate Kit-Kat and M&M Cake

I love birthdays! Every birthday is special, whether it be a baby’s first or your 40th, or 90th.. Birthdays are a time of celebration, to be thankful that you lived another year!

Yesterday was The Husband’s cousins birthday so I made a cake for him. It was also my padre’s birthday and I was sad I couldn’t be in Dallas to celebrate, but what to do.. that’s the expat life!

This was my first time baking in Kuwait! I was really excited to get back to my baking. When I lived in Toronto, I would bake something on a weekly basis almost. It would range from cookies, cupcakes, brownies, or cakes. It would always be somebody’s birthday or somebody was coming over to our house so I wanted to make something special for them!

I went shopping and bought a nice cake pan, a frosting utensil, and all my ingredients for my cake. I decided to make a Kit-Kat M&M 2 Layer Chocolate cake. This cake is pretty easy to make and my cake recipe was pretty simple also!

I was anxious because this was the first time I was baking in a gas oven… I have a parinoia about the gas blowing up or leaking or finishing while the cake is still in the oven… Hopefully this goes away with time..

The cake I made was easy to make because it was partial cake mix and I just had to add other ingredients! I found the recipe on the Recipe Girl website.

I’m a LIKER not a LOVER of chocolate, and I think this cake was the perfect balance of chocolate and sweet for me.. The cake is really moist and the frosting is soft and creamy!

Once the cakes were baked and cooled I frosted the cake and assembled it with the Kit-Kat’s and M&Ms and placed it in the fridge so the cake would set. I didn’t have any ribbon, and was a little parinoid the Kit-kat’s would fall apart, but thankfully it stayed.


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