How bad can a little bit of rain be???

Well I got my wish of a big storm, but the aftermath is not so great…

Saturday night I read online that there was warning of severe thunderstorms and rain through the Middle East.. Sunday nothing happened, we had a few sprinkles, but otherwise it was nice weather. I saw that many parts of Riyadh recieved heavy rains and there was really bad flooding! I thought ok, thank God this didn’t happen in Kuwait… Then Monday afternoon came…..

Monday I went to visit some clients and came back to the office by lunch time and the rain started! By 3PM it looked like it was 8 at night! There were dark clouds, thunder, lightening, and heavy rain!

Outside the office around 4PM
Outside the office around 4PM

Rain combined with random road closures because of the Arab-African summit did not help the drive home! The roads were blocked everywhere and the usual 10 minute ride home took about 30 minutes! I think compared to alot of other people, our drive home was nothing! Some people took 2-3 hours to get back home!

Today I found some video’s and pictures of what happened through out Kuwait… It’s pretty bad.. I’m so thankful nothing big happened in the area that we live in.

I found the pictures from the web and also from the website – http://ladieswhodolunchinkuwait.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2013-11-18T19:05:00%2B03:00&max-results=5&reverse-paginate=true

PhotoGrid_1384849859149 PhotoGrid_1384849892041 PhotoGrid_1384849924764

Bottom picture is at the Avenue's mall...
Bottom picture is at the Avenue’s mall…

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