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Caribbean Hut

Over the weekend we tried out a Puerto Rican place in Kuwait. I know you’re thinking, Puerto Rican in Kuwait? The owner/chef is a Puerto Rican, and he’s amazing We had such a great time talking to him and getting to know him. His cooking was delicious, and I can’t wait to go back again! I just wish he were closer to where we lived, but it’s worth the drive.

We ordered the empandilla (one with chicken and one with beef), fried plantains, carne mofongo, and fish curry. Everything was amazing! The empandilla pastry was so soft and flaky and the meat was so tender and juicy! I have been to many places where they serve similar items, but the pastry is dry and has no taste. The meat has no flavor, but at Caribbean Hut the empandilla is packed with flavor!

The fried plantains reminded me of something my mom makes. We call it banana chips, but it’s really green plantains that are sliced thinly and fried. This fried plantain dish was mashed plantain that was fried, so it was soft while still crunchy!

Next came the main courses which were the carne (beef) mofongo and the fish curry. I liked how the presentation of the carne turned out. Mofongo carne was cooked smashed plantain and then beef. It was inside a clay colored pot and I felt like there was a never ending supply of the beef and plantain. The carne was so tasty and I loved how he presented it! The fish curry was very interesting. You take a bite and it’s like this explosion of flavors that are in your mouth. It’s spicy and savory and delicious. I couldn’t get enough of it, even though it was spicy!

I really enjoyed this place and even though the decor is not fancy, the people are friendly and the food was great! I’m so happy to have a mom and type place in Kuwait!

Check out their website for location details! – http://caribbeanhutkuwait.wordpress.com/

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