Creamy Tuna Avocado Sandwich

I love Tuna sandwiches and I love Avocados! Have you ever thought of combining the two? You can use avocados as a substitute to mayo! The sandwiches can be made as you normally make your tuna sandwich, except adding the avocados in the place of mayo.

I first started by chopping up my onions and celery into small pieces. Next I scooped out the avocado meat from the shells and drained the water out of the tuna can and dumped the tuna into my bowl with all the other ingredients. I added some pepper and some lemon juice and then started mixing it all together until it was nice and creamy. I did not add any salt to this, but you are more than welcome if you want. Once I was done, I placed it in the fridge and let it set.

With my tuna sandwich I made a nice Pomegranate salad. I chopped up some lettuce, shredded some carrots, chopped some cucumbers, and seeded some pomegranate and mixed it all in a bowl. Then I juiced a half of a lemon and mixed it with my salad.

Once the salad was ready, I toasted my bread and spread my tuna mixture and plated it with nice helping of the salad.IMG_20131107_125903

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