Eid Holidays

I hope everyone had a wonderful Eid holidays! While many people went away, we stayed in Kuwait and just relaxed! And… we looked for more furniture! I think we have been to every store in Kuwait so we know what is in every store! I think we have most of the basics down.. We just need to get a wardrobe and coffee table.

Then comes the fun part of accessorizing the place! The husband has asked for a break so once we find the wardrobe and coffee table, I’ll give him a month and then start again. 🙂

The weather in Kuwait is really nice these days. There’s a nice breeze and it’s in the 80’s. Walking outside along the sea is really enjoyable. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year! Even though the weather is not as cool as it is back home, I am happy the temperature has gone down and it is

Left: Niagara Falls  Right: The trees outside our old condo .. beautiful view as we drive and out
Left: Niagara Falls
Right: The trees outside our old condo .. beautiful view as we drive in and out

not scorching hot. When we were in Toronto, our condo was on the 18th floor and we had an amazing view! During the fall, I would stand outside the balcony and look at all the beautiful colors and just admire nature.

One thing I really like about Kuwait is all the fresh seafood available! There’s an area where all the fishing boats come and dock and I think it’s so cool look at all the boats and seeing the nets. I keep forgetting to take a picture of the area, next time I am there I will do that. During the weekend we went to the fish market and bought some fresh fish and shrimp. Last night for dinner I made some shrimp pasta! The fish I bought was red snapper, so I am thinking of some recipes for that.

During the Eid Holidays we went to Avenue’s Mall in Kuwait and had lunch at a place called Texas Roadhouse! I’ve never heard of Texas Roadhouse before, but because it said Texas, we wanted to check out the place. The decor of the place was “Texan”, but no Texas flag:( .. I didn’t get a chance to walk around and look at the details, because the place was full, but it seemed interesting. At the table you have a box of peanuts and they give you fresh hot rolls! And these rolls were warm, and so soft, and tasty! We ordered our food and wasn’t disappointed.. It was funny to be at a “Texan” restaurant and be surrounded by Filipino waitstaff.. I later Googled the place and found out it isn’t a “real” Texas place! The first restaurant opened in Indiana.. But O well, it’s not a bad place to go whenever I feel homesick.

1 thought on “Eid Holidays”

  1. What, you have never been to Texas Roadhouse?????? There is one down the street from us and whenever we drive by it’s packed! The rolls are the best! The portion size is definitely “Texan” 🙂


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