Settling in…

So we finally moved into the apartment.. The timing was a little off because I was in Dubai when we had to vacate the place we were staying and then right after I came back from Dubai, The Husband had to go to Switzerland. So right now we haven’t really furnished the place. The only item we have is a bed. We are both back from our business trips and will start buying all the essential items.

It took us two months to find our apartment, and then another month and a half to move in becuase they were building it. Our apartment is in a villa. The Kuwaiti built this villa and made them into apartments so he could rent them out. At first I was really excited becuase it would be brand new and very spacious. The apartment is 3 bedroom/3 bath/ 1 maids room and the kitchen. The kitchen is not too big and it’s very dark inside, I am used to having lots of light and it is the opposite here. Something I will have to get used to for sure!

The bedrooms are nice sizes and we bought a king size bed. Once I decorate and start filling things in I will update with pictures! We ended up making a custom made headboard and really happy about it!

This post has been sitting in my drafts for the last week.. Just been busy and haven’t had time to update!

We have been slowly furnishing.. Right now we have our stove, fridge, and microwave. We bought plates, cutlery, and glasses and a cooking set! Couldn’t find my Calphalon set here, so settled with a different brand. I still have to go to the store and buy spices and containers, etc.

Yesterday I was trying to clean the kitchen. The workers never cleaned up after they were done so I just feel like the whole apartment is full of dirt! Living in the desert doesn’t help either because there’s always dust coming in! So I’ve been slowly trying to clean, but I’m not able to do as much as I want. I think we need to look at outside help because doing all this by myself is hard!


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