Dubai Trip

My Dubai trip was amazing! I really enjoyed Dubai from the minute I stepped out of the plane! I took the Emirates flight to Dubai from Kuwait and it was a short flight, but the flight attendants were so nice and the flight was empty so I had my own little area!

This is my second time in the Dubai airport and I just have to say how beautiful it is! There is so much space and the huge wall water fountain is so pretty. I feel I can just stand there and watch it for hours! I went through immigration and that was fast and easy… the man who stamped my passport asked me to stand straight and they took a picture of me. I was a little paranoid so I asked him what’s this for… he told me next time I go to Dubai, I’ll just have to swipe my passport and walk out! No need to stand in line or anything! So I’m excited for my next trip..whenever it might be!

I picked up my luggage and walked out of the airport to where the taxi’s were and I have to say how organized the taxi line up was! There was one man directing everything, you have your choice of family taxi or the female taxi which is called the “pink taxi”. So I got in my pink taxi and the lady was really nice and took me my hotel. As we were driving to the hotel, I was able to see all the massively tall buildings.

I met up with my cousin and his family in the evening and they took me on a driving tour of Dubai! We went through the Palm Island, I got to see Atlantis, and the Burj al Arab. It was all so nice and as I’ve said before, would really like a chance to spend some time in Dubai and enjoy the sights!

I was busy with work for the rest of the days. But a few things I noticed about Dubai.

-Nobody stares at you
-You can wear whatever outfit and nobody stares at you
-Cab drivers are friendly
-People are friendly
-Driving is the same (crazy)

These are just a few things off the top of my head.. now to end with a funny experience.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am brown skinned with black hair an Indian. During the seminar I was sitting with everyone at lunch and one of the Arab men asked me why do I sound different? I was confused at first and asked what does he mean? Another guy replied saying, well she’s from Kuwait that’s why she doesn’t sound like us. I then understood he was asking why my accent is not the same as other Indians he knows. I told him I was raised in Texas and not India so that’s why I sound different. Then it went to the usual questions of why I left and all.. Then a while later I went to get food and the waiter came and asked me what is my race. I said I am Indian. Then he asked, where are you from? I said I am from Texas. Then he was like, I have been trying to figure this out because you looked Indian, but don’t sound it. I said yes I grew up in America so I don’t sound like an Indian person from India. I found this fascinating.. I guess they don’t really come across Indian’s who speak “American”

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