Happy Onam!!!




Happy Onam to all my fellow people from Kerala!!

I’m not really familiar with Onam, I just know it’s a holiday that’s celebrated by people in Kerala. My family has never celebrated it, but I know it’s a big holiday for Hindu people.

When we visited Kerala in 2010 it was during Onam time so I was able to see a few things that were related to Onam, I’ve posted pictures on my old blog and have imported it to this new one. Here’s the link to check out some of my pictures of Onam and also my Kerala trip!

Update: I did a little bit of research (Googled/Wikipedia/asked around) on this festival. From what I understand this is also a Harvest Festival. This Festival is celebrated by flower designs (if you Google Onam flower designs you can see all the elaborate designs that people make), boat races, tiger dance, and there are other activities, but these were all that were all I was told about.  The last part about Onam is the the Onam Sadya Feast. This is a special meal that is served on a banana leaf and it is all vegetarian. There is a big pile of rice and they put a dal curry on one side and after a while they put sambar on the second side. Then on the outside will be about 15-20 different types of side dishes. You end it off with dessert made out of rice.

This year, we had the privilege of being invited for an Onam Sadya. This was my first time celebrating Onam, but it was a good experience. I forgot to take picture of my plate, but here’s one off the internet so you can better understand what I am talking about.

Found at http://www.tastyappetite.net/2013/09/happy-onam-onam-sadya-recipes-happy.html#.UmZ2d_lRCkA

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