I have been wanting to post about Syria for the last week, but been busy so haven’t had a chance. When I hear about what is going on in Syria, it makes me really sad. Everyone was waiting anxiously for what America will do. Obama said that they want to invade, but he asking for Congressional approval. He is proposing a no-combat troops on the ground action. I read today that “Obama gains key congressional support on Syria”. They will vote on Wednesday (which will be in a few hours now) and it will most likely go through.

I was praying that this would not happen. I just don’t understand why the US has to go and fight. I am just thinking of all the costs that will be associated with this. There are so many people in the US who need help, why can’t the government just help them? Also, the amount of debt that America is in is just scary! I know what is happening in Syria is not good at all, but is the answer to attack? Britain, America’s key alley is against this and only France and Saudi Arabia are supporting the US on this mission. Russia and China are backing Assad, and I feel essentially this will become a USA vs Russia instead of facing the real problem. I hope this does not happen.

Another thing I just can’t get out of my head is the amount of people that are going to die if US attacks Syria. What is the difference between killing people using bombs vs chemical gas? So many innocent lives will be lost. America will justify the deaths as collateral damage, but what happens to the wife who’s husband was killed? Or the child whose parents were bombed.

Yesterday, in the afternoon I saw a fighter jet flying above me and this freaked me out! The Husband trying to be a comedian said to me, look that’s America preparing for their attack! Ya that was not funny. I had to do breathing exercises to calm myself down.

Living in Kuwait and being so close to the “action” is real scary for me.

1 thought on “Syria”

  1. Hi there, just found your blog on Faithful bloggers. I totally agree with your views on this.. there will be so much suffering and you are right, what’s the difference between killing with bombs vs chemical gas? America has such problems within their own country that the government should be taking care of instead!
    How scary it must be to live so close in these times.


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