This weekend we ended up going to a south Indian restaurant called Udupi for dinner. I know Udupi is a popular chain, but this was my first time ever going to Udupi. When we were in Toronto we would have Saturday brunch sometimes at a place called Anjappar. Anjappar served different south Indian items and it was all non-vegetarian. There was dosa, vadas, idili’s, different types of chutneys made from coconut, sambar. I love Indian breakfasts and my two favorite dishes are Dosa and Sambar/spicy coconut chutney or Pal Appam and Chicken Curry. I can eat these two things for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and never get tired of it.

Puri Plate

Back to Udipi Restaurant… This was my first time at Udipi and the table next to me had a big round plate and then tiny little bowls on it with different curries and then the center there was rice. I thought this was pretty cool and found out the name of it is called “Thali”so I ordered that. The Husband ordered Poori, which is dough that is flatened like a tortilla and then fried. I also saw another table order Masala Dosa, which is HUGE Dosa’s that are over a foot long filled with potato filling and served with coconut chutney or sambar. When I saw the Masala Dosa, I was thinking in my mind should I have ordered something else?

I got my Thali plate and it was really cute to look at. You can see the picture below of my plate. The plate consisted of, plain yogurt, chickpeas curry (I’m not a big fan of this so I kept this aside, avial (vegetable mixed together in a yogurt coconut base), Vegetable curry, salad (yogurt,shredded carrots,sliced onion), Rasam (liquidy soup made with tomato and tamarind I think), Sambar (Thicker vegetable soup), Beans Pyasam (this is a sweet dish made with beans, I don’t like this so I kept this aside also), Coconut Chutney, Lemon pickle, and rice with 2 puri’s in the center. I did not eat my puri’s because it was too much food. I guess everyone at the restaurants eats the food using their hand, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do that. I asked the waiter for a fork and then started tasting the food. I ended up eating more of the yogurt pickle and chutney with the rasam. I didn’t like the other dishes so much. I was disappointed with the food, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. I think next time my mom comes to visit I will ask her to cook me these foods and then buy the silver plates and little bowls and have my own thali at home. I remember when we went to India 3 years ago we went for an engagement and they served lunch with the food on the banana leaves. There was rice and different side dishes with pappadum and my favorite was the banana chips they added 🙂

My Thali Plate


I started googling about thali’s and found out that it is popular through out India and different states serve different types of food it in it. The common ground is that the food is served in tiny bowls/dishes with the main dish being some type of bread/rice or both. In Kerala I think the green banana leaf is their version of the thali. This is not served in little bowls, but onto the leaf itself. With all this I had a mango lassi! This drink was delicious! Next time I go there, I am going to try the Masala Dosa.



1 thought on “Udupi”

  1. You should definitely try a Masala Dosa next time. It’s one of my favourite South Indian dishes. As long as you try it from a decent restaurant, there’s no going back.


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