Mrs. Moon please show your face

When is Eid going to be? I’m not Muslim and I have not been fasting, but I am waiting for Eid. Yesterday it was in the news that Saudi officials stated the moon would be coming up and “urged the public to search for the crescent moon on Tuesday night (Ramadan 28)” (http://en-maktoob.news.yahoo.com/confusion-sparked-as-saudi-supreme-court-orders-moon-sighting-committee-for-tuesday-102715424.html) “Those who witness the moon should inform the nearest court. If the moon was not sighted on Tuesday, they should look for it on Wednesday evening,” the statement said.

This caused much confusion amongst people, and everyone was outside at night searching to see if the moon came out! Sadly, no moon sighting. Tonight I will go out and see if the crescent will show up. Basically for those of you who are confused on how they pick when to start and end fasting is when the tiny crescent comes up it is the first day of Ramadan and it will last until all the different phases happen and the tiny crescent is back.

If the moon is sighted tonight, then we don’t have to go into the office until Monday. If the moon only comes up tomorrow, then we just have to go in on Tuesday.. It is usually a 5 day holiday, but this time

you only get 4 days.. I found this image with the different phases of the moon.

Different phases of the moon
Different phases of the moon

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