Weekend Updates!

Last week of Ramadan! I am so excited! I can drink water in public when it’s 115F outside!

I think the last day of Ramadan is supposed to be Thursday or Friday. I am not sure… Depends on the moon!

I had a pretty nice weekend. We actually did something interesting! Thursday night we went to The Scientific Center and visited the Aquarium. It was not bad. My favorite part was this huge tank full of fishes and sharks and other sea animals. Seeing all the different types of sea creatures was really nice. It’s been a long time since I’ve visited the aquarium so had a fun time. This place also had a IMAX theater, but they shut it down because it was the last 10 days of Ramadan. They’ve shut down all the movie theaters because of the last 10 days of Ramadan. There were also other desert
animals exhibits. Even though I love going to the zoo and aquarium, I always feel sad afterwards because I think of the animals in captivity. How do they feel being caged in and with people gawking and flashes going off in their faces? Do they want to be free? Do they even feel anything? (Thinking of Marty from Madagascar)

We also went to Johnny Rockets and The Husband ordered an apple pie and on the ice cream they put a flag of the USA! I got really excited with that and had to take a picture!


Top picture: Kuwaiti pots and pans used in the kitchen
Bottom Picture: Diwania seating inside a tent

PhotoGrid_1375610641732 PhotoGrid_1375610779609

Speaking of flags, every time a dignitary or somebody important visits from another country, Kuwait puts up flags along the highway to the palace so that the visitor can see their flag as they drive to and from the airport! Last week the King of Jordan visited so we saw the Jordan flag with the Kuwait flag all along the road. It was nice to go on Road 1 and see the flags flying.

Friday night we went to the Souk Darwaza. First of all, we made the mistake of going there at night. Getting inside the parking lot was such a task! There were so many cars trying to get out that going in was blocked! We finally got in and there were alot of parking spots so thankfully going there wasn’t a waste of time! This place was amazing! You find all types of fabrics. If you want to upholster your furniture, find material for making clothes, curtains, etc. There were lines and lines of shops just for this! We went to a store for sofa material and found so many different types of beautiful
material. After that we went to a shop that sells cloth material for suits. The Husband wants to custom make his own suits here so we went looking for that. We found amazing Italian wool for such a good price and to make the suit is not expensive either. I know in the US if you want to custom make a suit it will cost you a minimum of $1000, but here it’s a lot less! I think I am going to get some custom made suits also. Seems really cool to have my own suits made. As we were walking I saw such elaborate dresses on the windows! They were all ballgown type dresses. The ladies will go in and pick their material and have custom made dresses! How fabulous! 🙂

Like any road, parking, anything to do with lanes in Kuwait, where there should be only one lane to get out somehow three lanes came in. First is is ours which goes straight out, second is one coming from our left and then third is the lane to our right that was formed because people thought they could cut in. So we’re waiting in line and there’s only 2 cars in front until our turn. So what happened was there was a car from our left and right and both were trying to get into the center lane to get out, both the cars kept going acting like the other was not there and they kept going forward trying to show who is the bigger man and the cars hit each other. The funniest was even after they hit the car on the right kept going. I think he figured out that he was rubbing against the other car because he got out and his buddy from the passenger side got out and both of them went to the other car and started yelling and the other guy paid no attention. The two dishdashda guys went back into their car and the other car went ahead of them and all was well! What a waste of time! If people here followed the rules instead of forming lanes and jumping over parking lots driving would be so much easier! As we were leaving the place we figured out the reason for the backup to leave was because there was only one attendant that you could pay to and the signs said 100 fills, but it turned out to be 300 fills, so we had to dig for money.

One thing I’ve noticed about life here is things could be run smoothly, but things are just made harder and nobody seems to mind it. I don’t want to get started on how people drive here… That’s another post for another day!

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