Birthday Birthday

I have not been able to post this week because things at the office have become so busy! July 17 and July 19th were special days because the 17th was The Husbands birthday and the 19th was my youngest brothers birthday! And also on July 19th 2008 The Husband who was back then The Boyfriend, proposed to me! So he became The Fiance!

For The Husband’s birthday we kept it low-key and just went out for dinner. Usually I try to do something special for his birthday, but living in Kuwait I am more dependent on The Husband and so I can’t really go anywhere without him knowing, so no real surprises! The only thing I could do was go out to dinner somewhere nice…

I started researching things to do for his birthday early in the month and found a place called Al Boom, which is a restaurant that is inside a traditional dhow … I thought this would be a fun and interesting dining experience. So I tried calling them to get reservations and nobody picked up. Finally after 2 days of calling, I called the hotel that the restaurant is located in and found out Al Boom is closed because they are doing renovations!

Then I went back to Googling places and looking at Trip Advisor’s top 10, reading other Kuwait blogs, etc. Found a place called Rio, this is a Brazilian Churrascaria in Kuwait! So then I called them and they said their AC broke and they are closed for 2 weeks! So back to my friend Google!

There was a place I read about called The Fish Market restaurant, which is associated with the Fish Market store. I read the reviews and thought to try it out. There’s no website or address or phone number for this place so one reviewer had said the place uses the same parking lot as the Kuwait Towers. So using that as my guide, I planned that for our dinner out.

The place was pretty interesting if you like seafood! You have your choice of appetizer and then you go to the back area where all the fresh seafood is kept. Then you choose what you want and select how you would like to cook it and they will cook it for you. They had about 8 types of fish to choose from, different types of shrimp, crab, and lobster you could pick. We picked the Jumbo shrimp, which were huge! And one fish which I forgot the name for and asked them to grill both for us. We got our food and it was delicious! 🙂

Yes I know, long story for such a simple dinner… Anyhow, you can see a picture from the birthday dinner.

Pictures from the Restaurant and the Kuwait Towers in the background
Pictures from the Restaurant and the Kuwait Towers in the background

One interesting thought I would like to share about employees at the restaurants. They don’t like to give their opinion! I am not sure if they are told don’t give an opinion or they don’t know, but whenever we go out to a place I will ask, what is popular, or what’s really good. The automatic response will be, everything is good ma’am. Pick what you would like. Now I will just go to every place and ask this question to see how the waiter/waitress will respond to me!

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