Iron problems

I wanted to write about something that happened yesterday.

We bought an iron last weekend and there was a problem with the part that sprays water out. So we took it back to the store to get another one. We are used to taking a product to the customer service counter and either exchanging or just getting our money back. Should take maximum 5 minutes. Yesterday we spent almost 40 minutes to return the iron!

We walked into the store and went to the customer service desk and she gave us a receipt and told us to take it to the department where we got the iron from. Then the sales person in the department came and we explained the issue and after that he took us to another side of the store and went to the back and filled the iron with water. He came back and the supervisor of the department came and took over from there. He then told the sales associate to remove the water and put it into the cup that came with the iron. Then he poured it back into the iron to “Test” it out. He was moving the iron around and told us there is no leak. We said it’s not about a leak, the water spray does not work.

He then turns on the iron and waits for the water to heat up and puts his hand underneath it to feel the iron and then the steam started coming out. He said see it works, we explained to him again it is the spray part that does not work, everything else works. While he’s testing this out another store employee comes to stand and watch. Both of them discuss the problem and talk and then they call another person who I have named water boy because he went and got water for the iron 3 times. After that the supervisor asked waterboy to get the display iron, and they tested that out. Basically did the same procedure. Finally at the end the supervisor told us to go back to the iron department and told us to get a different brand. So then we went to the iron department and started looking at other irons and waiting for him to meet us.

For us to get a new iron, we interacted with 5 people before finally going to the cashier with our new iron! Forty-five minutes later we left the store!

One thing I have noticed in Kuwait is that there is no shortage of workers. Every person has “one” job and that is it. When we come into the office we see at least 10 people around the building and they clean the outside and there is another set to clean the inside. I hate seeing the workers outside. I know they signed up to do the manual labor and be outside, but I feel bad for them because they are barely making any money and have to stand in the wretched heat and work. During Ramadan time they aren’t even allowed to drink water to help quench their thirst. Breaks my heart whenever I see a person in a bright colored jumpsuit because I know they have left their family in their homeland so they can provide for them a better life.

When we had to buy a phone for our Vonage and went to a popular electronics store, and the process of checking out was hilarious! First we went to the department and the person came up to us to help. Then once we picked our phone we went to a counter where he wrote down our order and told us to take it to the check out counter WITHOUT the phone. So we went to the checkout counter where there’s about 8 people behind the counter. We then waited in line (you make up your own line, there is no concept of being polite and waiting for the person in front of you to go..) and we gave our paper to a man behind the counter. He then gave it to another person who was wearing a different colored shirt to distinguish his rank, and that person ran to the department to find which one we wanted to bring it to the counter. Once he located our phone he came running back and we paid for it and left.

I found this hilarious because for me, you just go to Best Buy ask somebody to help you if you need, otherwise you grab your product take it to the checkout lane and BAM you’re done and you can leave! Here in Kuwait, that concept is not there! They make everything complicated and confusing when things can be simple and fast.

Anyhow, that’s enough of my random thoughts of Kuwait! If I get started, I will never end I have way too many things that I see and find humorous/weird/sad/confusing… Maybe I’ll start a series of posts for one day a week called Rants and then just go off on things that have happened in the week?

4 thoughts on “Iron problems”

  1. hahaha. I completely forgot about this process. Yes, it is quite annoying after being accustomed to the North American system. I agree with you regarding the process. It feels a bit militaristic. Everyone has a place and you cannot deviate from that unless you’re promoted.
    Hope you’re enjoying Kuwait so far. How do you find the heat?


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