One Month!!

July 14th was our one month mark of being in Kuwait! I still cannot believe that it’s been one month of living here and I still feel like I am on an extended vacation. I think once we find a permanent apartment and start going through the phases of normal living, it will start sinking into me.

We are staying at a hotel suite that we rented for the month. It is located in Kuwait City in an area called Sharq and I really like the area. It’s close to the water, near the city and the area is nice. We are still struggling with where to look for our apartment because we don’t know if we should stay where we are or move closer to where the office is. My thoughts on the two areas.

1. Nice and newer flats available
2. Close to the water and many restaurants
3. Area is good and is not cramped
4. 20-30 minutes to reach the office
5. Quiet neighborhood
6. Highway is easily accessible
Area near our office
1. Older buildings, but more spacious
2. No body of water near by
3. The flats are all close to each other and feel cramped/dirty
4. Less than 10 minutes to the office
5. Mall is nearby

I would prefer the Sharq area, but then we know people who are in the area near the office so we are going back and forth on this. I don’t mind the office area, but to find a good apartment has been hard. Today we are going to be looking for some around here so hopefully something will come up before we have to leave the current place.

The current place we are staying at is OK, but I am a bit uncomfortable there. I can’t explain why, but it’s just a feeling that I have.

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