Brr.. It's cold!


I’m sitting inside the office and shivering because it’s so cold! This is one thing all offices have in common, no matter what part of the world you’re in! When I was in Dallas, I would put a blanket on my legs to keep from freezing. Some of the girls in the office would bring a bath robe and put it around them because they were so cold! When I was in Toronto, the same problem was there.. The office was too cold! Now I’m in Kuwait where the outside temperature currently is 115*F (sorry I don’t know the metric of that.. just really hot) I am sitting in the office freezing! I have to take breaks during the day to “thaw” myself. So I go outside to the heat and walk around for a while until I feel hot… I know going into the extreme heat and then AC cold is not good for the body, hopefully I don’t get sick doing this…

Anyhow, just an update on the apartment.. We found a place! Thank you Jesus! This place is temporary, but still it’s a place. It’s like an extended stay hotel, but you can rent it monthly. It’s nice and we can stay and peacefully look around for a place. Once we stay there we’ll get a feel of the place and see if we like the area and if we do we are going to get a place around there.

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