Salam Alaikam

Back in the office and starting the work week.

Ramadan is going to start in two days so I’m a little nervous about that. We still haven’t found an apartment. Today marks our 22nd day in Kuwait. The last three weeks have been up and down for me. It’s been hard trying to get used to the culture and lifestyle here. Also adding to this is the heat, it is so hot during the day time! Every Saturday we go to look for apartments and then I come back with a headache. The sun just tires you out. This last Saturday I drank atleast 5 bottles of water between 11-6. We reached back to where we were staying and I was exhausted, I just laid on the sofa with the AC and relaxed.

View of Kuwait City downtown from Souk Sharq
Inside the Fish Market

Friday morning we went to church and it was nice just to worship and be around other believers. The songs and message at this church are really good. I am starting to like it more, but I do miss our church back in Toronto! The message this last Friday was really good and one of the points the pastor made was that as a Christian employee we should do our work and give our 100% and through our work others should see that we are Christian. He said as a Christian we should always do our work diligently and that we are nto doing it for the boss, but for God. Everything that we do we are doing it for God. That was a really interesting statement because I have never thought of it that way when I am working. This is what I am going to think about whenever I work and not only for the job, but in everything that I do! After that went to the mall called Souk Sharq which is nearby the church. It was pretty quiet because Friday afternoon is when alot of people are at the mosque. There wasn’t so much there, but the view from the mall is gorgeous. There is a boatyard so alot of the yachts are docked. This mall is right next to the Fish Market and there are lots of fisherman’s boats that are docked. I didn’t get to take a picture of the fisherman’s boats, but next time I will do that. We did a little bit of grocery shopping at a store called Sultan Center. This is similar to a Wal-Mart or Target. One thing I’ve noticed in all the stores in Kuwait is the way that things are organized. There’s no space planning or organizational planning. You’ll be in a section for cereal and next to it will be baby items. So everytime we go to the store, we are running around trying to figure out where the items are. We’ve sort of made it into a game. Who can figure out where the item is first 🙂

Saturday we finally slept in! Felt so good to just sleep in one day and rest.. I made a quick breakfast and then we were off to look at apartments! First we looked in this area called Farwaniya, but I was not so impressed with the area. Then we went to the city and looked in Sharq. Found a few potentials and I think we are going to stick with this area. The problem with us going by ourselves and looking is we don’t know Arabic. The buildings have a caretaker who is called the “harris” and most of the time these people only speak Arabic! So The Husband and I don’t know Arabic and it’s sign language and slow speaking to try to get them to understand what we want. The Husband has learned a few phrases now so when we visit the apartments he’s able to ask if there are any empty flats available. On a side note, a funny story I wanted to share… We went to see an apartment a couple weeks ago and saw the Harris, and The Husband asked him in English if there were any flats available. The guy responded back in Hindi and then out of nowhere I hear Hindi coming out of my husbands mouth.. I’m so fascinated because I’ve never heard him speak Hindi before. Then we’re going to see the apartment so the Harris asked where we were from originally and all and somehow it came out the Harris was from Tamil Nadu.. So then out of nowhere The Husbands starts talking to the Harris in Tamil! I am just looking at The Husband shocked! I just found the whole situation hilarious! From English to Hindi to Tamil! This has actually helped us in our search since he is able to talk to the people.. I on the other hand just speak plain ole English and they all think I’m a cracker… But since coming here, I have also learned some basic Arabic terms.. It’s hard for me to say it because my first thought is always to say Hi how are you or Good morning etc..

Words I’ve learned in Arabic
Shukran -> Thank you
Khalass -> Finish
Salam Alaikam -> peace be upon you (this is how you are supposed to great people, but I always forget and just say Hi)
Wa alaikam Salam -> Peace be upon you (this is how they respond back to the Salam Alaikam)
Inshallah -> God willing (You hear this phrase all the time!… I asked one realtor confirming a certain time and his response back to me Inshallah.. LOL)
Alhamdullah -> Praise to God
Salaam/Marhabha -> Hello
Yallah -> Let’s go

I would like to take some Arabic classes because I think knowing the language will help me here!

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