Happy Canada Day – 1 day late!

canadaIt has been 18 days of living in Kuwait. I still cannot  believe that we moved here! Life here is so different and I do feel homesick. I miss our 18th floor condo and my comfy couch! I miss my kitchen and being able to whip up whatever I feel like. Can’t wait to find a place of our own and make it a home! I know things will get better once we have a place! 

Yesterday was July 1, and that was Canada Day! Wanted to wish all the Canadians a Happy Canada Day! I remember last year during Canada Day, my youngest brother was with us so we went to watch fireworks and have ice cream with him and our friends. I was thinking about all of this last night and was feeling sad because this year we didn’t do anything. 

On the apartment front, I have to say the saga continues! We went and looked all day Saturday and yesterday after we got out of the office. Saturday we went to different apartments with real estate agents and that was a bust! One had a good place we were considering, but decided not to because of the traffic around that area. Real estate agents in Kuwait ware horrible! They don’t dress professionally, they are not polite, they don’t know how to sell the property at all! The funniest was we met a real estate agent who was from New Orleans. I asked him where he was from because his accent was southern and when he told me he was from Louisiana, I was excited and said I’m your neighbor from Texas! Usually this leads to a great conversation and all, but this guy was a complete jerk and I was disappointed that a person from America had no sense of how to sell a home. Whatever happened to southern hospitality?? He tried to act like he was a “Kuwaiti” and there was something off about him that both of us did not like. We liked one of his homes, but didn’t like him and so we decided not to take it. 

This other guy we met on Saturday drove a beat up old Mercedes and drove like a maniac! And then he opened his trunk at one of the properties he showed us and it was full of old tires! That was just so weird… He was rude and instead of showing us the apartment he would go off and take pictures of the apartment. So that was a no!

Yesterday we went to another location and went to about 6 apartments and none of them had any empty apartments! By the time we were done, I was exhausted and hungry! And so we picked up food and went home. I was sitting alone in the room and thinking of all the family and friends we left behind and how if we were in Toronto we would’ve had a BBQ with my in-laws and then watched the fireworks with our friends and fam! 

Next week I think is the start of Ramadan, which is both exciting and scary for me. Exciting because we only have to reach the office for 9:30 and leave by 2, scary because no drinking, eating, chewing gum, etc in public!! Three years ago we visited Kuwait and it was during Ramadan time.. The whole time The Husband was getting mad at me because I was drinking water in the car and he told me if they catch me I would go to jail! What was I supposed to do? It was 130 degrees outside and I was thirsty!! So this year I have been warned early by The Husband to stay off the H20 while in public! 

4 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day – 1 day late!”

  1. If you can wait a few weeks, you can have our apartment. We are also willing to sell some of our furniture and all of our appliances to whoever takes over the flat. Respond to this comment if interested. Our apartment is in Salmiya Block 10, we have 2 bedrooms that are quite large, a nice sized living room and kitchen and OUR OWN PARKING SPOT that can accommodate 2 cars. The street is just off Amman St., right by 5th Ring Road. Let me know if you’re interested.


    1. Hi! Thank you so much for the message.. We are trying to stay away from Salmiya because once school starts the commute to where we work will be horrible! Our office is in Dajeej and it’s so congested here!

      Are you leaving Kuwait?


      1. Yes, once my husband get’s his permanent residence in Canada, we’re going back. Can’t wait. If you know anybody who would be interested, it’s a nice location and the rent is excellent 250KD/mo.


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