TGIT- Thank God It's Thursday!

It’s Thursday and that means it’s equivalent to Friday!! How exciting 🙂

I’ve finally started doing some work, which is great! I hate sitting around and doing nothing. Started inventing my own work to do! My usual days were to read the news, look for apartments, and call people about apartments. Then I would read about the product that I would be selling for a while and try to memorize the presentations. But I couldn’t concentrate because for me to memorize, I need to talk out-loud and can’t really do that in an open office without people thinking I’m weird… which they probably already do!! With this job, I have to sell certain products and I fear sales!!! I have always ran away from it and have never sold anything in my life! The Husband gave me a this motivational talk yesterday on how I could do it and all, but I’m still unsure of it. Hopefully I can do a good job with this! I hate letting others down…

So yesterday, the Husband and I walked around the building and we found a little cafe outside the building! We went in and looked at their menu’s and were so confused. Outside they had pictures of Arabic food, but their menu was all sandwiches and salads. So I asked the lady on the counter, do you have Shawermas? She replied with,”No, but I have Pahitas” I was tired of trying to figure it out so I said ok, give me a Fajita… I looked on the menu for it and it’s spelled Fajitah.. Anyhow, we ordered our food and were waiting and out comes a panini type sandwich with chicken and green bell peppers and onions.. It wasn’t an actual fajita, but the sandwich tasted pretty good..

 My Fahitah Sandwich

O speaking of Shawermas, I have an interesting statement to make about them.. But until I do some further research, I will keep my mouth shut.

An update on the housing situation, we are going to check out a place called Bneid Al Gar.. Hopefully this place is good.. Let’s see how it works out! I’m not going to get too excited. On Saturday we have a few places to see also. We are also going to spend the whole day out trying to find an apartment so let’s see how this goes!!

Yesterday I created some goals. I don’t usually write down my goals, usually I just have them in my head, but thought I would write them down and see how it goes.

1. Find an APARTMENT!!
2. Join a gym
3. Find a trainer
4. Learn to swim – I would like to learn to swim before our next beach vacation..

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