One week of leaving Canada!!

Sunday – June 23
First weekend in Kuwait! I cannot believe that Friday marked our first week of leaving Canada! Thursday night we went to a place called Salmiya to check out apartments… We were trying to avoid this area because of all the traffic, but we are getting a little desperate. We went to a building that was recommended, but there were no available flats! After that we went to dinner at PF Changs! HELLO Lettuce Chicken Wraps you are so delish! Dinner was delicious as usual 🙂 . Also, Thursday night is the start of the weekend! Have to get used to the weekend being Friday and Saturday! Friday morning we went to church. After that we went to look at the one bedroom apartment. And boy was the real estate agent misleading! I was so disgusted.. the apartment had a foul odor and it was so dirty! There was no way we would stay there! Saturday morning I got my nails done at a really nice place called Nail It! The salon was clean and the staff was very friendly. They did such a great job on my mani/pedi. I also had a neck massage done during my mani/pedi and it was amazing! My shoulder and neck muscles are always so tense. After that we went to look at more apartments. This time we went to a place called Riggae. It was a quieter area and the apartment was a bit older, but very spacious! We looked at one that was 3 bed 2 bath with a good living room and dining room. My only problem was the bathroom and kitchen were older and dated. The apartments in this building are very popular so we are not sure what to do! We were thinking of maybe moving farther out to a place called Mahboula. This area has more newer apartments that are catered toward westerners. The only problem is the drive which is about 30 minutes to the office without any traffic. Another friend said there were some apartments in a place called Abraq Khaitan. Hopefully something will pan out this week! Last night I went to the mall in Kuwait called Avenues. This place was packed and so many people all over the place! It reminded me of the Galleria during Christmas time!! And one thing I noticed was that everyone was dressed up! Note to self: Make sure to always look nice when I leave the house

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